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Special Memory is a playful, feel good story that suggests using positive memories to help in times of stress and difficulties. Positive memories can then provide strength and remind us “good” times will happen again.

Fiery five-year-old Emily is semi-cooperative when her mother announces the idea of making a Special Memory one summer morning. She doesn’t want to get used to getting up early for kindergarten. Despite herself, Emily finds dancing in the warm rain with her older sister and mother while wearing pajamas fun until the storm changes. Emily’s mother then pulls her daughters indoors and teaches them how special memories make a difference in our lives. Emily doesn’t think a Special Memory will help in kindergarten until her first day when she remembers sticky wet pajamas and hair, along with warm mud squishing between her toes.

Praise for Special Memory:

- “Young readers learn two lessons in this charming story (Special Memory). One,
  special memories can be deliberately created; and two, memories are great tools for
  offsetting fears and anxieties. And as a bonus, there is an activity guide at the back
  of the book that explores the themes therein, and, since the particular memory in the
  story is weather related, it also includes a great introduction to some climate
  essentials.” —Joan Schweighardt, No Time for Zebras, and several novels.

- “Readers will find “this tender story confidently illustrates the notion in a way that will
  be heartening to both child and adult. Parents will thank Christina Francine for her
  accessible gift of wisdom, which hides a transformative life skill in its gentle pages.”
  Create a special memory to help balance the fear. Special Memory is a modest story
  about helping an apprehensive child overcome her worry. It sounds easy enough.”                                    
                  ---Nina Fosati, Literary author and editor

Book Details:

Title: Special Memory

Author: Christina Francine

Genre: Children, picture book

Publisher: Waldorf Publishing (September 15, 2019)

Print length: 32 pages


A few of your favorite things: coffee, herbal tea, nature.
Things you need to throw out: old to-do lists.

Things you need in order to write: coffee, quiet time alone or at a coffee shop, and longer periods of time without pressure of the to-do list.
Things that hamper your writing: day job, too much noise, and too much on my to-do list.

Things you love about writing:
I’ve always had a great imagination, and it’s fun to create. Learning that others were entertained and had fun reading my stories.
Things you hate about writing: the time it takes to do a good job without interference.

Easiest thing about being a writer: the creating has always been the easiest and most fun. 

Hardest thing about being a writer: finding the long periods of time to create and then polishing the finished product. It is difficult to finally set a work down and say it’s ready to send out for publication. I think I’m my worst critic.

Things you love about where you live:
in the spring and summer everything is so green, emerald really.
Things that make you want to move: although the Great Lakes have so many pluses, they are snow-making machines. Too much snow in the winter and too much humidity in the summer.
Taxes in New York State are terribly high.

Things you never want to run out of
: nature, coffee, herbal tea, pens, pencils, paper, family & friends.
Things you wish you’d never bought: this is difficult because I usually plan out purchases.

Words that describe you: deep thinker, studious, light-hearted and serious at the same time, determined. My daughters say I’m kind and their opinion is very important to me.
Words that describe you but you wish they didn’t: too serious sometimes. I try to think about what my action and others have and make the best decision based on those. My aim is to be prepared and to do and give the best that I can.

Favorite foods: coffee, herbal tea, a wide variety of nuts and seeds, vegetables (love salads), most fruits, Kefer (high potency yogurt), chocolate.
Things that make you want to throw up: I’ve never liked asparagus or okra. This second is like eating snot. Who can check out the flavor when the consistency is slimy?

Something you’re really good at: teaching college/academic writing, riding horses, and being versatile. 

Something you’re really bad at: letting people fall. I’m a helper.

Things that make you happy: spending time with my family and friends, digging in flower, herbal, and vegetable gardens.

Things that drive you crazy: other drivers on the interstate who take chances and decide to put my life in danger  because they think they’re Nash car drivers or in a video game where “do-overs” are freely available.


Christina Francine is an enthusiastic author for all ages. Her picture book, Special Memory debuts September 15, 2019, her level #3 Reader Mr. Inker Finds a Home early 2020, and Journal of Literary Innovation published her analysis on students’ writing across the nation in Spring 2016. She believes individual learning style may solve world problems. She teaches writing at University of Buffalo and at Buffalo State. Christina is a member of Hamburg Writer’s Group and of Buffalo-Niagara Children’s Writers & Illustrators (BNCWI).

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