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The big day has finally arrived, and Imogen, Iggy and the bakers head to the Fire Kingdom for Hank and Shaday’s wedding. Imogen is totally fine with it—or so she keeps telling herself.

Even the murder of a famous wedding guest can’t stop the impending nuptials. So when Imogen’s repressed feelings magically ruin her baking and she’s banned from the kitchen, she sets herself to finding the killer.

Her search leads her through the desert kingdom’s bustling marketplaces and the maze-like raid, to discover underground movements, shady characters, and more secrets about the people around her than she thought possible. Could the killer be the clever journalist or the rebellious palace maid? Perhaps it’s a member of the royal family.

With the Fire Kingdom’s people churning for change, a mysterious artifact missing from the museum, and a dastardly plot brewing, Imogen begins to feel the heat. When Horace contacts her and makes her a tempting offer, she struggles to choose between him and her new friends.

Imogen’s choice will have enormous consequences over a deadly plot that threatens the people she loves. Will she stop a killer and find a happy ending in the process? Or will an ancient legend come to life and destroy them all?


Title: Full Moons, Dunes & Macaroons

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Series: A Cozy Witch Spells & Caramels Mystery, book #5

Publisher: Self Published

Print Length: 248 pages


Horace is the leader of the Badlands Army and an antagonist who creates lots of issues for Imogen and her friends. With a troubled past and lots of secrets, he tiptoes the line between good and evil.


What do you like to do when Erin isn't writing about you?
Wouldn’t you like to know? I go wherever I want to, undetected through the kingdoms with my powers of disguise. I spend a good amount of time in the mysterious Badlands, home of the Badlands Army, though I have no home myself.

If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?
I don’t rest. And I won’t rest until the whole truth is brought to life. Getting revenge for my parents’ deaths and what happened to me is my life’s mission, and it consumes my every waking moment. I don’t have time for vacations.

Tell the truth. What do you think of your fellow characters?
I think Imogen needs to wise up to how mediocre her friends are. They’re part of the system I’m trying to take down. I think Imogen has potential—I’m trying to show her the truth, so that she’ll join me of her own free will.

What impression do you make on people when they first meet you?
People seem to find me either quite attractive or quite off-putting. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. I’d like to think that people come to respect me, though I can’t think of a single person who I’d say truly knows me.

What's the worst thing that's happened in your life?
After I lost my entire family as a boy, I was forced to be a child soldier in a roaming gang. I learned to trust no one and to be strong.

Tell us about your best friend.

I have no friends, only followers.

What are you most afraid of?
Failing to get my revenge on the man who owes me everything.

What’s Erin’s worst habit?

She wastes an inordinate amount of time on her furry companions. She provides her dogs food, housing, attention…and in return for what? Hair? Drool? They’re not even magical dogs.

How do you feel about your life right now?

I feel that I can almost taste my revenge. I’m pleased…except, I wish Imogen could understand me better.

If your story were a movie, who would play you?
Cillian Murphy.

Will you encourage Erin to write another book in the Cozy Witch Spells & Caramels mystery series?
Absolutely. I have more work to do.


Erin Johnson is a native of Tempe, Arizona, Erin spends her time crafting mysterious, magical, romance-filled stories that’ll hopefully make you laugh. In between, she’s traveling, napping with her dogs, eating with her friends and family, and teaching Pilates (to allow her to eat more).

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