Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year!



As we say goodbye to 2015, I want to thank everyone who logs on to A Blue Million Books and who reads my Goose Pimple Junction series. You keep reading, and I'll keep writing. (Or as a GPJ resident once said, "You keep drinking and I'll keep thinking.") I hope you have found some new books and new authors by stopping by A Blue Million Books. May you have a fantastic new year filled with a blue million books!


Thanks to all the authors who visited A Blue Million Books in 2015:

Traci Hayden, Black & White

Brandi Haas, Tales from Suburbia 

Crazy Lady Authors, Treasured Moments 

Jack Getze, Big Mojo

D.S. Williams, 
Protective Hearts

Heather Thurmeier, 
Pinch of Me, Dash of You

Amy Saunders, 

Alice Loweecey, Nun Too Soon

Traci Andrighetti, Prosecco Pink

Jennifer Fischetto, One Garish Ghost & Blueberry Peach Jam

Lea Wait, 
Twisted Threads

Dianne Harman
, Kelly’s Koffee Shop

Thomas Maurin, Broken Trust

Carolyn Arnold, 
Valentine’s Day is Murder

Gustavo Florentin, The Schwarzschild Radius

Rachel Higginson, The Five Stages of Falling in Love

Sally Carpenter, The Cunning Cruise Ship Caper 

Brent Hartinger, The Thing I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

Christina George, Climax

Diane Daniels Manning, Almost Perfect

Amanda Aksel, The Commitment Test

Shevaun Delucia, Jayded

SK Wills, Starting from Lost

Rosemary DiBattista, A Dish Best Served Cold

Cheryl Matthynssens, Bloodmines

Alexander McCabe, Greater Expectations

Barbara Jean Coast, 
Death Of A Beauty Queen

Laura Morelli, Authentic Arts: Venice Travel Guide

Dierdre Verne, Drawing Conclusions

Lora Lee, Bringing in the Thieves

Lauren Carr, Three Days to Forever

Julie Mulhern, The Deep End

Connie Archer, Ladle to the Grave

Nancy G. West, Dang Near Dead 

Jeanne Bannon, Beautiful Monster

Emily Craven, Adventures in Fashion

Tonya Kappas, Ghostly Undertaking

Kevin V. Symmons, SOLO

Amy Korman, Killer Getaway

Amelia Ford, Togan's Child

Annette Dashofy, 
Bridges Burned

Pamela Fagan Hutchins, 
Heavens to Betsy

Julie Seedorf, Granny Snows a Sneak Peak

Dawn Eastman, A Fright to the Death

Judi Culbertson, Bookmarked to Death

Glenn Conley, Glenn Hates Books

Melanie Denman, Visiting the Sins

Susan M. Boyer, Lowcountry Boneyard

Grady Miller, The Hostages of Veracruz

John Forelli, The Simulations

Victoria Klahr, That’s a Lie

Jerold Last, Deadly Dog Show

Paty Lager, Double Duplicity

Marie Moore
Side, Trip To Kathmandu

Amy Reade, 
The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor

Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa, Hide Nor Hare

Tammy Grace
, Killer Music

David Burnsworth, 
Southern Heat

Jaime Boust, Book Club

Timothy Klein, Cries From a Crusty Heart

Russ Colchamiro, Genius De Milo 

DD Marx, Beyond Believing

Ellen Mansoor Collier, Vamps, Villains and Vaudeville

B.L. Blair, Forgive Me

Miriam Auerbach, Boca Overboard

Penny C. Sansevieri, How to Sell Books by the Truckload

Sarah Booth Delaney,
 Bone to Be Wild

Susan Russo Anderson, Too Quiet in Brooklyn

Jennifer Ammoscato, Dear Internet: It’s Me, Avery

Susan Pashman, Upper West Side Story

Colleen Helme, Crossing Danger

Heather Siegel, Out from the Underworld

Herbert L. Smith, Hurricane Kingdom

Jennifer Chow, Seniors Sleuth

Nina Post, Danger Returns in Pairs

Clea Simon, Kittens Can Kill

Melissa Marni

, Little Word Studio

Tess Woods, Love at First Flight

Diana Helmer, Belles of the Ballpark

Dennis Hart, Sand Key

Kevin Doyle
, The Litter

Joanne Guidoccio, A Season for Killing

Dianne Harman
, Murder at Cottage #6

Wendy Tyson, Dying Brand

KS Thomas, Until It’s Not

Julie Sarff, The Hope Diamond

Donna McDonald, Next Song I Sing

Kathi Daley, Much Ado About Felines

Elizabeth Perona, 
Murder On the Bucket List

KS Thomas, With Whom We Spend Our Lives

Joanne Phillips, Flora Lively and a Date with Death

Tonya Kappas, A Charming Fatality

Maris Soule, 
A Killer Past

Ace Varkey, The Girl Who Went Missing

Shelley Freydont, 
Trawling for Trouble 

Barbara Venkataraman, Jaime Quinn Mysteries

Rich Zahradnik, Drop Dead Punk

Maris Soule, Eat Crow & Die

Jim Webster, Flotsam & Jetsam

Nancy Cole Silverman, Beyond a Doubt

Abby Vandiver, Bed & Breakfast Bedlam

Jim & Joyce Lavene, 
Give Em Pumpkin to Talk About

Maria Nieto, Breaking the Silence

Scott Wilbanks, 

The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster

Ellie Ashe, A Good Kind of Trouble

Rosie Genova, 
A Dish Best Served Cold

Steve Hockensmith, 
Fool Me Once

Brydie Walker Bain, 
The Secret of Sinbad’s Cave

Lynn Cahoon, 
Killer Run

Chris Six
, iKidney

Chiari Warriors, An Anthology

Diane Burton, 
The Case of the Bygone Brother

EJ Journey, Welcome Reluctant Stranger!

Elaine Faber, 
Black Cat and the Accidental Angel

Graeme Smith, The Awakening of Abraham Brown

Maxine Nunes, Dazzled

Amy Metz
, Short & Tall Tales in Goose Pimple Junction

Clea Simon, Code Grey

Andrew Joyce, Molly Lee

Julie Ann Lindsey, 
A Geek’s Guide to Murder

Joyce & Jim Lavene, Be My Banshee

Nancy J. Cohen, 
Peril in Ponytown

Louis Alan Swartz, Constructed Magic

Kim Boykin, A Peach of a Pair

Gene Ayres, Red Tide

Karin Gillespie, Girl Meets Class

Susan Russo Anderson, 
The Brooklyn Drop

Alice Loweecey, Second to Nun 

Lois Winston, A Stitch to Die For

Lauren Carr, Kill and Run

Ellen Byron, Plantation Shutters

M.J. Schiller, Blackout

Paul Hollis, The Hollow Man

Bernie Otis, How to Prepare for Old Age

Grady Miller, 
The Havana Brotherhood

Andrea Pearson, 

Gilda Morina Syverson, 
My Father’s Daughter: From Rome to Sicil

Julie Mulhern, Guaranteed to Blee

Tammy Grace, Pieces of Home

Linda Johnston, Knock on Wood

Kathleen Irene Paterka, Secrets of the Royal Wedding Chapel

Danielle Soucy Mills, Illusion Of An Ending

Susan McBride, Say Yes to Death

Terri L. Austin, 
Diner Knock Out

John Gaspard, The Misers Dream

Lois Winston, 
A Stitch to Die For

Amy Metz, Heroes & Hooligans in Goose Pimple Junction

Lindsay McKenna,
 Nowhere to Hide

Mike Phillips, Hazard of Shadows

D. Bryant Simmons, Blue Sky

Emma Stein
, Into the Void

Billy Thomas, Murder in a Two-Seater

Caroline Fardig, Death Before Decaf

D.E. Haggerty, 
Love in the Time of Murder 

John Enright, 
New Jerusalem News

Lisa Becker
, Clutch

Ellen Mansoor Collier, 
Jazz Age Mysteries

Frankie Bow, The Case of the Defunct Adjunct

Dan Buri, 
Pieces Like Pottery

Peter Riva, Murder on Safari

Richard Godwind
, Wrong Crowd 

James Moushon
, Operation Alpha Dog

Breigh Forstner, 
Straight From The Heart 

Nancy G. West, 
Smart But Dead

Waverly Curtis, Silence of the Chihuahuas

Eric Yates, 
Epitaph to ‘Nickle Eck’

R. Breuer Stearns, The Question

Thomas Brooke, 
Roman Mask

Richard Audry, King Harald Mysteries

Bourne Morris, 
Rise of the Red Queen

Steve Myers, Dreaming .400 

Larissa Reinhart, The Body in the Landscape

Jennifer Ott, Desperate Moon
, A Piece of You 

Teresa A. LaRue, A Talent for Murder

Diamente Lavendar, Breaking the Silence, The Secrets of Yashire

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