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I began Literary Book Gifts a few months ago as a passion project. Like many others, book bloggers
and causal readers alike, I have always had a deep love of literature, stories, and narratives. I’d read books and the characters would take me into their worlds, their ideas, and their thoughts. I’ve always wanted my job, or career path to be focused on something that included books, literature, or writing.

Besides being a lifelong reader, I have a background in design. This business has been a way for me to combine both of those aspects of myself in a way that others can appreciate and enjoy.

It started with just a few designs. And many iterations of those designs. After a received a bit of positive feedback from friends and family I decided to go ahead and launch the website. To this day I am still learning how to make my way around software graphic design programs, choosing out high quality shirts and tote bags, and everything else behind the scenes of an apparel business.

I think that like most things, books are best when discussed, shared, and passed on through generations. But this day in age, reading can be quite the solitary endeavor. Books, eBooks, and audiobooks are not quite what they were back in the day when there was not as much reading material available and everyone was reading the same Charles Dickens novel or Jane Austen book. They would perhaps discuss and recommend novels by word of mouth.

Displaying your favorite novel on a t-shirt or tote bag is one way bring it into the real world. Maybe it would be as a conversation starter about Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Or perhaps someone will see you wearing a Leaves of Grass shirt, by the famous poet Walt Whitman, and decide to read it during a spare afternoon.

Although the entire collection is meant to be cohesive in a vintage and antique style, each and every design is meant to capture the essence of the individual book, author, or story. Some designs are bright and expressive such as the Don Quixote T-Shirt while others display a calm and cooler subject matter such as the case of the Beethoven T-Shirt.

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Melissa Chan is from Toronto, Ontario. A professional designer and a non-professional reader and lover of books.

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