Friday, April 14, 2017

Twenty Questions with Edith Maxwell


Quaker midwife Rose Carroll is enjoying the 1888 Independence Day evening fireworks with her beau when a teenaged Quaker mill girl is found shot dead. After a former slave and fellow Quaker is accused of the murder, Rose delves into the crime, convinced of the man's innocence. An ill-mannered mill manager, an Irish immigrant, and the victim's young boyfriend come under suspicion even as Rose's future with her handsome doctor suitor becomes unsure. Rose continues to deliver babies and listen to secrets, finally figuring out one criminal―only to be threatened by the murderer, with three lives at stake. Can she rescue herself, a baby, and her elderly midwifery teacher in time?



Love or money? Love.

Plain or peanut? (M&Ms) Peanut, of course!

Beef or chicken? Chicken.

Coffee or tea? Coffee, but mostly dark roast decaf because I weaned myself from caffeine twenty years ago.

Oxford comma: yes or no? Of course!

Hardback or Kindle? Hardback when I can find it and I’m not traveling.

Salty or sweet? Salty.

City or country? Country, for sure.

Dog or cat? 3 cats!

Fame or fortune? Hmm. Neither? I guess I’ll go for fame.

Laptop or desktop? Laptop, but a large one I can see the screen and use a decent keyboard.

Health food or junk food? Healthy food.

Mountains or beach? Beach. Ah, toes in warm sand.

Gourmet or diner? Gourmet.

Sweet or unsweet? (Tea of course.) Unsweet.

Humor or drama? Drama.

Dr. Seuss or Mr. Spock? Dr. Seuss.

Halloween or Christmas? Halloween – I LOVE getting into costume.

Spring or fall? Spring, after a long New England winter, is heaven.

Morning or night? Morning, for sure.


Edith Maxwell is an Agatha-nominated and national bestselling mystery author who writes the historical Quaker Midwife Mysteries. Delivering the Truth, featuring a Quaker midwife sleuth in 1888, released in 2016 and is nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Historical Mystery. Her story, "The Mayor and the Midwife," is the second Rose Carroll story to be nominated for an Agatha Award for Best Short Story. Called to Justice releases in 2017.

Edith also writes the Local Foods Foods Mysteries. Mulcho do About Murder releases in 2017. Edith once owned and operated the smallest certified-organic farm in Essex County, Massachusetts.

As Maddie Day, Edith writes the Country Store Mysteries set in southern Indiana. When the Grits Hit the Fan releases in 2017.

Maddie Day also writes the Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries, with Murder on Cape Cod debuting in 2018.

Bluffing is Murder, the second in Edith’s Lauren Rousseau mystery series written as Tace Baker, features a Quaker linguistics professor. Edith holds a PhD in linguistics.

Edith's short stories have appeared in more than a dozen juried anthologies and magazines. She is active in Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime and is President of SINC New England.

Edith, a fourth-generation Californian, has two grown sons and lives in an antique house north of Boston with her beau, their three cats, a small organic garden, and some impressive garden statuary. She worked as a software technical writer for almost two decades but now writes fiction full time.

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