Monday, January 7, 2013

Excerpt from Bill of Human Wrongs

About the book:

What would happen if you could see how your actions today could influence the future?
In this fast—paced thriller, this is exactly what happens.
Senator Claire Winslow is expected to vote on a bill that will change the Constitution, changes that could ruin many lives in the future.
When she meets a strange woman, and is convinced that she is a product of the bill’s passage, she needs to determine what she will do.
This story shows the parallel lives of two distinct times for the citizens of the US, and lets the reader to become close to characters in both the present and future.
Can Claire stop the future devastation and still vote for the bill to save her position as a Senator?
And what about Eve, the woman from a future time? Is there anything she can do to put an end to her country’s ways?


“This talk is crazy, Claire. You actually believe that this intersection...” She looked around the room. “This intersection between two epochs is happening so we can see what could happen based on… based on what? Political decisions that are implemented today? That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? This bill is driving you crazy, so crazy that you’re seeing things that aren’t there.”

Claire listened to Rachel while her mind wandered. Yes, the bill. Its changes could influence so many people, the possibility that it was enough to cause hideous results to their lives, a bill that could wrong so many. Her breathing increased with intensity, her body began shaking again, her face flushed. Rachel’s voice kept going on and on. Claire felt as though she was ready to burst. She thought back to Tony’s reaction. She’d never seen him like that. Her fingers dug into the table, Rachel’s voice still ringing in her head. She really needed Tony with her. He might help to ground her. He might help her to believe in the impossible. She needed his enthusiasm, his outrageous delight. Her head felt light, Rachel’s face seemed blurred. Then, something cleared her thoughts. A calm sensation filled her senses. She knew she believed it, it was the explanation for Eve’s stories, she had concrete proof. A euphoric awareness took over her.

She looked across the table, her voice was steady and cool when the words came out, “Just say it, Rachel. SB 1257 could have created Eve’s world!” Her expression was gripping, sturdy. “Eve’s Bill of Wrongs!”

About the author:

C. Michaels is from the Pacific NW but now lives in Mexico with her Chow Chow, Rani. In her previous life, she taught programming languages at a community college near Seattle, and later taught in the java programming group for Oracle Corp. She has always had a love for the arts, in both writing and painting, finding Mazatlan's Paradise the perfect place to work. Her books are character driven, and will easily draw you into their crazy zany world, a place where for some, there are no scruples or decency. And, as much as you may think you have things figured out, the twisty plots keep the guessing alive, in both Cross Roads and NO FEAR! These two books are part of an ongoing sequel, with an undetermined end in sight. However, each book is independent enough to enjoy out of sequential order.

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