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When a rattlesnake almost kills his best friend, Caesar "Cwiz" (pronounced Quiz) Ruiz, author Jeremy Rhyne can't help but recall all of the wild times they shared growing up in Southern California—and the profound impression Cwiz has made on his life. Starting with a covert one-man band in a high school health class that had the entire room laughing, Cwiz always kept Jeremy on his toes. Through near-death experiences, Bible-study pranks, a kidnapping, hijinx across Europe and Asia, crashing the OJ trial, and game show dating to falling in love and finally growing up, Cwiz and Jeremy came of age together in surprising and hilarious ways.
Now Jeremy has collected all of their unbelievable stories into one book that ultimately charts Cwiz's journey from class clown to respected and well-loved community member. His Name Is Cwiz is the remarkable story of a lifelong friendship with a remarkable man—part jester, part sage—and the valuable life lessons learned along the way.

Book Details

Title: His Name is Cwiz: Lessons from a Lifelong Friendship

Author: Jeremy Rhyne

Genre: memoir/biography/humor

Publisher: Circuit Breaker Books (April 13, 2021)

Print length: 328 pages


Things you need in order to write: a laptop, airpods, and Radiohead.
Things that hamper your writing: text messages.

Things you love about writing: getting into the flow and losing track of time, laughing to myself like a maniac at the keyboard, chipping away day by day.
Things you hate about writing: the creeping doubt and fear that I suck.

Things you love about where you live: the ocean—full of all sorts of wildlife—is so close by.
Things that make you want to move: the lack of space and solitude, and of course, the traffic.

Things you never want to run out of: M&M’s.
Things you wish you’d never bought: M&M’s.

Favorite foods: Carne Asada with chips and guac.
Things that make you want to throw up: salmon.

Favorite music: Radiohead.
Music that make your ears bleed: K-pop.

Favorite beverage: chai tea latte.

Something that gives you a pickle face: coffee.

Favorite smell: the sea.

Something that makes you hold your nose: that complex stench that wafts out of the Bath & Body Works store at the mall.

Something you’re really good at: standup paddling.

Something you’re really bad at: golf.

Something you wish you could do: dance like Twitch (guy on Ellen show); someday I’m going to secretly take hip hop classes, like three hours a week, become an absolutely off the hook dancer, then wait until I’m like 68 years old, and then when I’m at some relative’s second or third wedding, I’ll bust out the hip hop routine (if hip hop is still a thing) and just destroy!
Something you wish you’d never learned to do: learning to love Diet Coke, in retrospect, was not good.

Last best thing you ate: my wife’s lasagna.

Last thing you regret eating: nothing comes to mind, her hee.

Things to say to an author: You made me laugh.

Things to say to an author if you want to be fictionally killed off in their next book: You’re boring.

Favorite places you’ve been: Istanbul and Chiang Mai are two of my favorites.

Places you never want to go to again: New Dehli.

Favorite things to do: being on the water (boat, paddleboard, jetski, arm floaties).

Things you’d run through a fire wearing gasoline pants to get out of doing: going to a multi-level marketing seminar in a church basement.

Things that make you happy: planning a new paddle camping expedition.

Things that drive you crazy: unnecessary meetings.

Proudest moment: one of my proudest moments was completing a solo circumnavigation of Catalina Island on my standup paddleboard.

Most embarrassing moment: spending a week in the hospital after doing too many pushups (long story).


Jeremy Rhyne is an attorney living and working in Orange County, California. When he is not fighting for truth and justice in the courts, he enjoys standup paddling, reading, running, traveling, and listening to Patrick O’Brian novels on a loop. He is married with two daughters. His Name Is Cwiz is his debut book.

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