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Carol Childs is in the middle of one of the biggest stories of her life. Her daughter Cate has returned from college with a boyfriend in tow. A photographer who police suspect to be The Model Slayer, responsible for the murder of three young women.

Not since the Hillside Strangler has Los Angeles been so on edge.

And when the police arrest Cate's boyfriend, Carol's personal life and professional worlds collide. A tattooed cocktail waitress calls the radio station and asks to speak with Carol off the record. She knows the true identity of the real Model Slayer because she says she killed him.

Tensions mount as the clock ticks. The police are convinced they have the right man. Mother and daughter aren't talking. Carol can't reveal to investigators all she knows, and unless Carol can find the real killer before the trial begins, an innocent man may spend the rest of his life in prison or be executed for a crime he didn't commit.

Book Details:

Title: Reason To Doubt

Author: Nancy Cole Silverman

Genre: Cozy mystery

Publisher: Henery Press (November 6, 2018)

Print length: 256 pages

On tour with: Great Escapes Book Tours


Nancy, what’s the story behind the title of your book? 
I’m glad you asked. Years ago, when I was still working in radio, we had a story on the air about the murder of a young model/wannabe actress. It was believed she may have agreed to meet with a photographer for a photo shoot at a remote location and that the photographer murdered her. The police questioned a number of local photographers – my brother-in-law included – as both he and others had all done shoots with the girl in the past. Ultimately, the police arrested a man who had been impersonating a  photographer and charged him with the girl’s murder. The idea that I might have actually known one of the suspects stuck with me over the years. So when I was thinking about a plot for Reason To Doubt, this idea was ripe and ready.  And adding to the suspense just had to be the idea that Carol’s daughter would return from her freshman year at college with a photographer boyfriend in tow.

Tell us about your series. Is this book a standalone, or do readers need to read the series in order?
All of the Carol Childs Mysteries work as standalones. There is a cast of characters, Carol, her best friend Sheri, Carol’s boss Tyler, and several others that return in each book. But each book is its own complete mystery.

Where’s home for you?
I was born in Seattle, Washington and moved to Arizona, via Colorado when I was a little girl. After college, I lived in Europe for four years before coming to California, but I’m a west coast gal, and California’s in my blood.

What do you love about where you live?
I enjoy the diversity of the people and the climate. I’m a warm weather type of person. 

Have you been in any natural disasters?
I live in California! That’s synonymous with earthquakes. I’ve been through a few. Shake. Rattle and roll is what we do.

If you could only save one thing from your house, what would it be?
My dog. I’m an animal person, so if anything were to happen to our home, she’s the first thing I’d go after.

What’s one of your favorite quotes?
I would have to quote my grandmother. She was always making up quotes for us to live by. "When in doubt, don’t!" was one of her favorites, and it was the basis for which I took the titles for the Carol Childs books.

What are you working on now? 
I’m working on a new series with Misty Dawn, a character I’ve pulled from the Carol Childs Mysteries.  When I finished Reason To Doubt, Misty kept coming back to me, as my character do, and asking for a series of her own.  As a former Hollywood Psychic to the Stars, and an aging senior who hadn’t planned for the future, because – psychics can’t read themselves and she never anticipated living to be a septuagenarian – she must now reestablish herself, and in doing so finds in the middle of a criminal investigation. 


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Nancy Cole Silverman’s realization that she and Edgar Allen Poe shared the same birthday sparked her lifelong interest in mystery fiction. After a very successful career in the radio industry, she turned to writing, and her crime-focused novels and short stories have attracted readers throughout America. Her Carol Childs Mysteries series (Henery Press) features a single-mom whose "day job" as a reporter at a busy Los Angeles radio station often leads to long nights as a crime-solver. Silverman lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a thoroughly pampered standard poodle.

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