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The antics of seven inheritance recipients during a week-long stay at a Connecticut estate are detailed by protagonist Jill Jocasta Fonne. The will of her aunt stipulates that if anyone leaves early, his or her share will be divided among those remaining. As it happens, one does leave—permanently—when he dies just hours after arrival. Guests and staff alike have secrets to share as Jill and her colleagues, Rey and Linda, discover when they step out of their chosen professions into the roles of amateur sleuths. But are these secrets the reasons that bodies start appearing and disappearing? Others soon join in the sleuthing, and the bumbling and stumbling—and mayhem—begin.


The Aloha Spirit

Many could probably state something similar: “The first time I set foot on [fill in the state or country of preference] I knew it was home.”

My sneakered feet first touched Hawaiian soil in 2010. Despite arriving late at night (which in Toronto time was very early the next day), exhaustion wasn’t enough to deter me from dragging a travel-heavy body over to shop-dense Kalakaua and amble along the tiki-lined boulevard with throngs of other wide-eyed, excited tourists.

Even with gusty trade winds, there are subtle lingering scents—such as sweet plumeria and briny air—that enrobe you like soft bubbles in a warm, cozy bath. There’s an all-encompassing energy; you can sense it on the beaches and hills, in the markets and streets, amid the tourist attractions and local haunts. The vast and vibrant colors of flora can seem surreal when you hail from the cold, winter-gray North.

Negative bank dealings aside—LOL—I fly over regularly with enthusiastic Mom in tow. If I/we could make Hawaii home, we would. Alas, I’m/we’re not American-born. There are no U.S. sponsors, nor do we possess the admissibility criteria to obtain that necessary Green Card.

I have full faith, however, that a door will open and Hawaii will happen. For now, I (and Mom) will settle for visiting. 

As always, I’m/we’re looking forward to the next sojourn—my pre-sunrise jogs along the Ala Wai Canal and the stops by the Healing Stones, our miles-long strolls around Honolulu, the tasty breaks at food kiosks and trucks, wading along the balmy oceanside, nummy Mai-Tais on the beach . . . and the silent acknowledgement that this truly is our nirvana.


Can You Hula like Hilo Hattie? (A Triple Threat Mystery Book 2)
Novice sleuths Jill, Rey and Linda stumbled and bumbled their way through The Connecticut Corpse Caper with winning results. That success prompted the trio to become bona-fide detectives. The first official assignment for the owners of the Triple Threat Investigation Agency: discover the dirty little secret of an elderly millionaire’s pretty, young wife. This sounds easy enough—until the wife is found dead along a Pacific shoreline. One murder evolves into several, with any one of a cornucopia of curious persons being the potential killer. Dealers, informants, and the seedy world of drugs enter the paradisiacal picture. This is a perfect opportunity to hone detecting skills and prove the newfound Hawaiian-based agency is a viable venture. Can the trio unravel the intriguing twists . . . before the twists ravel them?

Coco's Nuts
(A Triple Threat Mystery Book 3)
Rookie private eyes JJ, Rey and Linda stumbled and bumbled through The Connecticut Corpse Caper and Can You Hula like Hilo Hattie? with stellar results. Now the trio, proud owners of the Tripe Threat Investigation Agency, have yet another multi-murder mystery to solve. Who set up their client, socialite-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer, to take the rap? And where is nutty Coco Person, who has been MIA since the murders went down? In their detecting travels, they meet up with former acquaintances, some of who may not be all that they seem. Add bombs and debt collectors (limb breakers) to the list of ingredients, and you have one explosive recipe.


Tyler Colins is primarily a writer of fiction and blog posts, and a sometimes editor and proofreader of books, manuals, and film/television scripts. She’ll also create business plans, synopses, film promotion, and sales documents.

Fact-checking and researching, organizing, and coordinating are skills and joys (she likes playing detective and developing structure).

Her fiction audience: lovers of female-sleuth mysteries. Her genres of preference: mysteries (needless to say), women’s fiction, informative and helpful “affirmative” non-fiction.

She aims to provide readers with smiles and chuckles like the ever-talented Janet Evanovich and the sadly passed and missed Lawrence Sanders, the “coziness” of Jessica Fletcher, and a few diversions and distractions as only long-time pros Jonathan Kellerman and Kathy Reichs can craft.

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