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Ring-A-Ding Dead! is a cozy mystery set in a fictional 1920's Chicago about a newly married couple. Part of the mystery is who these characters are and where they came from. Claire's virtual book tour with Great Escape Book Tours begins on September 11. Watch for the second character post from this main character couple on September 18.


Just married! It's time for . . .  a murder?

When checking into the posh Myriad Hotel on their honeymoon, Hector and Pamela Jackson discover a dead body! All the couple wants to do, though, is keep out of the commotion and enjoy some well-earned rest.

But another person dies, and they happen to appear at the crime scene. When a third person falls right in front of them, the police begin to wonder why.

Who's responsible for the murders? Why are they happening? Are the couple under suspicion? Where does the little stray dog hanging around the hotel entrance come from? And when are Hector and Pamela finally going to have a proper honeymoon?

All these questions are answered in this first of The Myriad Mysteries—a clean, mild murder mystery set in a fictional hotel in 1920's Chicago.

Book Details:

Title: Ring-A-Ding Dead!

Author: Claire Logan

Genre: cozy mystery

Series: Myriad Mysteries, book 1

Publisher: Self-published (May 29, 2019)

Print length: 244 pages


Basic Character Questions

Name: Mr. Hector Jackson (at least, that's what he tells everyone . . . )
Race: Black - has "very dark" skin
Age: 32
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 pounds
Build: average, on the slender side
Hair color: black
Hair style: wears his hair pressed and slicked back in the current fashion and style for early 1920's Chicago
Eye color: black
Relationship status: Just married!

Name of (romantic) partner: Mrs. Pamela Jackson (well, that's what she tells everyone . . . )
Distinguishing features: Has a deep voice and a scar on his left upper arm from getting shot that one time . . .
Neat or messy dresser? Very neat
His personal style: Classic: he has a prep school background.

Does he have any quirks? In spite of his wealth, he's a minimalist: he carries very little with him. Doesn't drink or smoke, which is unusual for that time. Generous and tips well.
Is this a main character or supporting character? One of two main characters.


Is he optimistic or pessimistic? Optimistic
Is he an introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
What is his strongest character trait? Makes friends everywhere he goes.

What is his weakest character trait? A float through life attitude. He's used to other people taking responsibility for the dirty work - he's used to being on his own and not taking care of anyone else. Also, he's not as sneaky as he likes to think he is.

What is his motto? Today is all that matters
What sense does he most rely on? Observation
What are his pet peeves? People who judge others on appearances without knowing anything about them. The selfish. People who impose upon others for no good reason.

What are his idiosyncrasies? Prefers coffee with heavy cream, no sugar. Likes to read the newspaper. Likes boating quite a bit.

What are his ambitions? He's not very ambitious. He's happy with his life and kind of goes with the flow.

What past act is he most proud of? He once built a log cabin by himself, back when he was in his 20's.

What is his favorite food? Steak.

Is he superstitious? Not at all.

Is he serious or laid back? Laid back.

What does he do first thing on a weekday morning? Read the paper.

Does he prefer alcohol or soft drinks? Soft drinks
What is his soft drink of choice? Ginger ale with lemon in it
What is his alcoholic drink of choice? Doesn't drink alcohol
Does he make a positive or negative first impression? Positive.


How does he respond to a threat? Freezes at first when faced with a sudden crisis.
Is he most likely to fight with their fists or their tongue? Words.
What is his choice of weapon? Lawyers.
Does he have a secret? Yes, lots!
Is he confrontational? No.
Does he carry a weapon? No.

Work, Education and Hobbies

What is his current job? Independently wealthy: owns lots of property all over the country and abroad, has men hired to take care of them.
What are his hobbies? Likes boating and the theater.
What is his intelligence level? High intelligence.
Does he have a natural talent for something? An intuitive thinker.


What is in his wallet? A picture of his sister


What is his greatest extravagance? Stays in hotels wherever he goes.
What is his greatest regret? Not being able to save someone he loved very much from dying.


Claire Logan has loved reading since she can remember. She loves puzzles and mysteries and intrigue. Of all the cities she’s been to, Chicago is her favorite. Her four years living in Chicago during grad school were wonderful. Plus she loves history. And wasn't the 1920's wild? She’s always wanted to write a series set in Chicago and now here's her chance.

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