Monday, July 7, 2014

Spotlight on: Laurel Dewey

About the book:

Betty Craven is the epitome of elegance, class, and perfection. Her prize-winning garden is the envy of her neighbors; her impeccable manners and epicurean skills have made her the “hostess with the most-est.”

But all is not what it seems.

The truth is that this fifty-eight year old’s seemingly idyllic world is quickly disintegrating. Widowed and left with a modest income, Betty’s Colorado gourmet chocolate shop has gone belly up, leaving her floundering for purpose and meaning. Tied to a house in disrepair that she can’t sell, and mired in unrelenting grief for her dead son, this patriotic former Texas pageant queen comes to the shocking and debilitating conclusion that her entire life has been wasted. As that realization hits her hard between her well-manicured brow, the rebellious spirit that Betty has silently kept under lock and key, explodes to the surface.

When that happens, her staunch conservative world changes drastically, causing Betty to question every belief and opinion she’s ever had. The path she chooses is paved with secrecy, eccentric characters, toe-curling love, life-changing events, and a connection to her unconventional garden that she never could have imagined. No matter how hard she tries, Betty Craven will never be the same again.

Author Laurel Dewey — known for her gritty crime thriller series featuring Detective Jane Perry — has created a dynamic, funny, romantic, heartbreaking and controversial novel that will both enlighten readers and challenge them with its unique and timely subject matter.

Praise for Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden:

“Betty`s (Little Basement) Garden is a wonderful novel full of characters we see every day... This would be an excellent book for a reading group or a book club. There is life and laughter, love and friendships, and a spark of the paranormal that brings it all together.”
– Blogcritics

“Compelling, emotional, at times humorous, controversial, heart wrenching, inspirational, and definitely leaves the reader confronting one’s own personal viewpoint after the last word is read. Highly recommend!”
– CMash Loves to Read

“Funny and warm and wonderful. Get to know Betty; you`ll love her.”
– Lis Carey’s Library

“The end result is not only a successful and compelling novel, but also a springboard for important conversations all across America.”
– David Fiedler

“This is a book everyone should read and think about, an issue I truly believe in, and something I believe more people should learn about. Read this book!”
– Now is Gone

“Pick up Betty’s (Little Basement) Garden by Laurel Dewey and prepare yourself for some thought-provoking reading. See what gems you can pick up.”
– Single Titles

“No matter what side you are on, this book is interesting and will have you shedding a few tears and smiling a few smiles.”
– Books, Reviews, etc.

About the author:

Laurel Dewey’s writing career has been anything but predictable. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Dewey began her career working in public relations for such celebrities as Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra. Her writing talents quickly took her into other entertainment avenues. Dewey was an assistant editor at BOP Magazine, helping launch the blockbuster career of teen pop groups like The New Kids on The Block. During this time, she wrote a string of successful mystery radio plays for Los Angeles radio networks. The plays won Dewey consistent awards and caused one reviewer to write, “Dewey’s flair for creating memorable characters and great stories is a welcome change these days.


Not satisfied to write in only one genre, Dewey went on to pen a western novella In the Name of the Land, which was nominated for a Silver Spur Fiction Award. A collection of short stories followed, as did a successful stint writing and producing radio ads and promos.

In the early 1990’s, Dewey relocated to rural Colorado. But her eclectic writing forte continued as she pursued work as a freelance investigative journalist, advertising/marketing promoter and editor of children’s books. In the mid and late 1990’s, two of her books on plant medicine were published, along with 10 booklets and hundreds of articles on alternative health.

During this time, she appeared as a featured guest on over 300 national radio and television programs and lectured extensively across the United States and Canada.

But now the pages have turned again...literally. In 2007, Dewey released her first fiction novel, Protector, a gritty, paranormal crime thriller that follows the rocky life of Denver homicide detective Jane Perry. In preparation for writing the book, Dewey immersed herself in detailed research, interviewing Colorado homicide detectives and traveling on "ride-a-longs" with street cops. The intricate research helped Dewey create a debut novel that is powerful, compelling and utterly original.

The sequel to Protector, Redemption, was released in June of 2009. The third book in the series, Revelations, released in June of 2011. The fourth novel in the Jane Perry series, titled Knowing, wae released in December of 2012. Her standalone book, Betty`s (Little Basement) Garden, was released on June 12, 2012 and is the first fiction novel on the subject of medical marijuana (cannabis) in Colorado. She lives with her husband and two orange cats in rural Colorado.

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