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Featured Author: Ces Creatively

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Ces Creatively is on tour with her new book Reach For Your Light, part 1 in The Light Direction series. Follow the tour to visit some fantastic blogs for reviews, guest posts and the chance to win a huge haul of prizes.

Reach For Your Light by Ces Creatively

What they say:

'Emma Williams is searching for a new direction. Leaving behind a dead end career and harrowing relationship in London, she makes a fresh start in Bournemouth bonding immediately with flat mate Denzil and enjoying coastal life.

Falling in love with delicious Jeremy White she soon discovers that her new life is not as uncomplicated as she’d hoped. It may look like she has the perfect beach apartment and gorgeous man of her dreams but when visions of a mysterious stranger become reality and manipulating exes are out to cause trouble in paradise, Em just wants to find the truth in a world of deceit.

Reach For Your Light will take you on a fast-paced roller coaster of hot sex, mind games and supernatural visions that will leave you hungry for more.'

Interview with Author Ces Creatively

Ces, what’s the story behind the title of your book?

Reach For Your Light
has “inspiration” at its heart. In 2006 my son was stillborn at full term, and I almost died too. Writing is great therapy, and I’ve overcome all kinds of adversity since that traumatic milestone in my life and always found “Light” in “Dark Times.” The Light Direction series is a hot paranormal romance, however it’s positive message of finding your way in challenging times is written for and dedicated to my little boy Aarlonzo (in heaven).

That's heartbreaking. How did you create the plot for this book?

The plot has come about from a good old mix of inspirational sources. I’m inspired by all the off the wall series I have enjoyed myself such as Heroes and Alphas (hence the supernatural abilities some of my characters have). I’ve also drawn from personal experience for many parts of the book, places I’ve lived or visited, people I’ve dated, loved or hated. In the first manuscript (which has now been split into three books) the plot sort of found its own way at first draft and has evolved and been fine tuned along the way.

What’s your favorite line from the book?

Oh I have so many, lets go with:
“Iridescent ripples captivate me. Gleams of coloured light waltzing on the water like newlyweds taking their first dance.”

This is from the moment Emma and Jeremy first make love in the swimming pool at his parent’s house.

How do you get to know your characters?

I can see the characters in my mind long before they are written in detail, so when I come to describing them, I already know what they like, who they’ll love, what annoys them, how they look, dress, smell and even taste. Most of the characters bear some resemblance to either myself, someone I know now or have known at some point in my life.

Which character did you most enjoy writing?

I’d have to say Denzil is probably the one I’ve most loved writing because he’s really unique, handsome, a great friend to Emma and just an amazing fun guy all round. I’d choose Denzil if I were the leading lady!

Are any of your characters inspired by real people?

Yes. There are parts of Denzil based on my ex-hubby and now good friend Jay (he knows which bits of the story are true to life and is cool with it). There are several horrible bosses in the story based on real ex-employers too and the ‘Brad from Topaz’ experience is pretty much how it actually happened.

Now that sounds intriguing! Is your book based on real events?

It is fiction, but there are lots of scenes based on reality. It’s good to write from experience. The Light Direction has given a wonderful opportunity for some really novel promotion to incredible small businesses and talented creatives too. The gifts mentioned in the story, jewelery, bags, ceramics, prints, cupcakes, candles, and more, were all created as bespoke merchandise for TLD and so readers can experience the world I have written about in a more tangible way! The holiday cottages the characters stay in are real holiday lets, the restaurants they visit are real places I recommend and there are actors, musicians, singers and photographers mentioned in the script too.

Are you like any of your characters?

I’m like Emma in that she wears her heart on her sleeve and has a lot of love to give the right man. She is me 15 years ago, haha. Katy is unique, creative and stands up for what she believes in, very much a mini me, she also has blue and black hair like me. Beth is my alter ego I think... there are parts of me flickering in her eyes but that outspoken confident woman in me usually hides behind the quiet creative one in reality, haha.

If you could be one of your characters, which one would you choose?

I’d be Emma because she gets a taste of (nearly) all the handsome men in the story. (Plus it would be like an opportunity to revisit my youth with all the knowledge of today, haha.)

Tell us about your favorite scene in the book.

Through all the times I’ve read the story, I always love re-reading the scene in Nightclub Topaz when Emma first meets Jez. There is just something so exciting about the first time you are stung with the buzz of a new and mutual attraction that nothing else can quite touch that feeling. Jez had noticed Em before that night and was keen to get to know her; she tries to play it cool, flirting and hoping she’s not imagining the chemistry between them. Things get a little complicated, but they get together in the end and it was worth the wait when sparks fly.

What’s one of your favorite quotes of something the hero says?

I love lots of things Denzil and Jez say but I guess Jamie Jaxx is the silent hero of the book... Jaxx has supernatural powers and Emma has been seeing him in visions throughout the story because they are connected in ways she is yet to discover. He only makes his mysterious appearance into her life towards the end of the story but has a very heroic role as the story continues in book 2, Discover Your Light. Quote Jamie Jaxx in Reach For Your Light: “Better buckle up Em... this is going to be one hell of a ride."


About the author:

Ces Creatively is an inspiring mum of three from Poole who loves to spend time at Poole Harbour, Sandbanks Dorset. Juggling being a mum with running graphic design business, popular website with a book blog and handmade gifts business she miraculously also finds time to write novel series which she has dedicated to her son in heaven. A tireless champion of small businesses and other authors, Ces has won several awards for supportive innovation and dedicates time every week to promoting others online. In a unique twist, her debut paranormal romance novel The Light Direction - Reach For Your Light features real small businesses and talented creatives.

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