Saturday, February 9, 2013

Twenty Questions with C. Michaels

Author C. Michaels was here last month to talk about her new book, Bill of Human Wrongs. She's back today to accept my challenge to answer Twenty Questions. First, a little bit about her:

C. Michaels is from the Pacific NW but now lives in Mexico with her Chow Chow, Rani. In her previous life, she taught programming languages at a community college near Seattle, and later taught in the java programming group for Oracle Corp. She has always had a love for the arts, in both writing and painting, finding Mazatlan's Paradise the perfect place to work. Her books are character driven, and will easily draw you into their crazy zany world, a place where for some, there are no scruples or decency. And, as much as you may think you have things figured out, the twisty plots keep the guessing alive, in both Cross Roads and NO FEAR! These two books are part of an ongoing sequel, with an undetermined end in sight. However, each book is independent enough to enjoy out of sequential order. 

Michaels is proud to announce the release of her new political thriller, Bill of Human Wrongs, now on available on Amazon.

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Twenty Questions

1.     Love or money?

       At this point in my life, money.

2.     Plain or peanut?

       Peanut, must spice it up.

3.     Beef or chicken?

       Really?!  The combo dish sounds so good. Ok, beef. No…
       chicken. Arg! Chicken.

4.     Coffee or tea?

       Coffee, espresso. Black only, please.

5.     Oxford comma: yes or no?

       You had me here, I had to google it. As it turns out, I’ve always been an Oxford

6.     Hardback or Kindle?


7.     Salty or sweet?

       Salty, but in the spirit of health, I now use a pinch (well, maybe several pinches)
       of salsa.

8.     City or country?

       City… for peats, or is that  pete’s, sake! I live in Mazatl├ín.

9.     Dog or cat?

       Dog, she is my best friend.

10.    Fame or fortune?

       Fame so I can obtain a small fortune.

11.    Laptop or desktop?

       Laptop, so important to be portable.

12.    Health food or junk food?

       Guilty… junk food.

13.    Mountains or beach?

       Beach, my dog and I start each day with a walk, sand between our combined six sets
       of toes.

14.    Gourmet or diner?


15.    Sweet or unsweet? (Tea of course.)


16.    Humor or drama?


17.    Dr. Seuss or Mr. Spock?

       Hmmm, Mr. Spock.

18.    Halloween or Christmas?


19.    Spring or fall?

       Spring, love watching the birds, other creatures fight for
       female attentions.

20.    Morning or night?

       My mornings are also my nights, wake up early. So, morning.

Thank you, Cynthia for accepting the Twenty Questions challenge!

To read my interview with C. Michaels, go here.

About the book:

Claire Winslow has nightmares nearly every night, reliving the event when her sister killed a man, and then shot herself. The man had been a prominent CEO of an electronics company, a powerhouse citizen in their small town, her sister’s rapist. 

Twenty years later, Claire Winslow, now a US Republican Senator from the state of Washington is an advocate for women’s rights. Her national platform gives her the power to be heard and make a difference in protecting women against unfair practices.

Claire is about to be tested.

Senate Bill 1257 is set to be released with only a week to read before the vote. This bill attempts to modify the constitution in a way that could change the future lives of not only women, but all non-white citizens in the country. 

The Senate is dominated by the Republican Party. The authors of the bill have every Republican on board to sign the bill. Except for Claire Winslow.

And they need her vote.

This thriller leads us through the life of Claire Winslow during a time when the people around her will stop at nothing to win her vote. The bill is full of changes that Claire cannot vote for. But her re-election is coming up. Is she more help to women as a Senator? Does she keep her position by voting for this horrendous bill?

Then Claire meets Eve Hart.

Eve lives in a different world from Claire’s, a place that might be the creation of SB 1257. Eve could be a product, a futuristic outcome from this SB 1257. 

Claire is having her nocturnal nightmares depicting the last moments of her sister’s life, her Party’s pressures, nasty tricks are taking a toll on her. There are only a few days left before the vote, when Claire learns something so dreadful, so unthinkable. 

What will Claire do with this knowledge?

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