Tuesday, July 26, 2016


On Sunday I posted thoughts from some of my writer friends on the roll of social media in an author's life. Then I started wondering about the readers' points of view. I didn't get as much feedback as I got from the authors, but the readers who did speak up all had something interesting to say. I'm grateful for their time and input. Thank you, Sharon Vertetis Aguanno, Judy Gardner, Amy Workman, Phylis Carpenter, Joan Falten Somers, and two readers who preferred to remain anonymous. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions!

What types of posts do you like to see authors post on social media?

Sharon Vertetis Aguanno:
I absolutely love Facebook! Although I have a Twitter account, I am not much of a twitter user! I like seeing personal postings from my author friends. How they are doing with their work in progress from a personal perspective. E.g. Excitement over a character, how many pages written, personal distractions… blocked feelings! Outside of their books, I like to see personal things, pictures, vacations, and even memes (these tend to tell a tale about the personality of the person posting them). Also, announcements of their tours… which I love to follow.

Judy Gardner: Posts of upcoming new books and date coming out.

Amy Workman: Updates on the new book they are writing; the cover for a new book; upbeat posts...inspirational, happy or funny frustrations.

Phylis Carpenter: I like to see posts that show me their books with a small description.  Something that catches my eye as I scroll down. I also like to see giveaways because money here is tight. 

Joan Falten Somers: 
My favorite posts are either funny or simply something the author finds endearing.

Anonymous #1: Updates on their books, and snippets of how their lives are going.

Anonymous #2: I like to see posts about new books/series, special sales, and giveaways.

Do you find new books and new authors on Facebook and Twitter?

Sharon Vertetis Aguanno: Facebook – Yes, Twitter – No.

Judy Gardner: Rarely. Only if Mrs. Must Read Mysteries or Must Read Mysteries posts them and they are new authors (I only get free books because of my lack of funds).

Amy Workman: Facebook, yes.

Phylis Carpenter: I have found a lot of new authors on Facebook. I have also joined their Facebook pages to keep up with their latest news and books.

Joan Falten Somers:
I find new authors on Facebook. I'm not very often on Twitter.

Anonymous #1: Facebook, from the groups I am in.

Anonymous #2:
I find new books and new authors on Facebook.

What do you think an author can do to attract you to “Like” or follow them? 

Sharon Vertetis Aguanno: Most of the authors that I have liked or followed in the past year, I have done so on the recommendation of another author—usually through an FB posting or a blog posting. The only thing I really look for is that they are interesting. Topics of interest include areas that I know and love, Humor in the Memes and down to earth people! So if I were to offer a suggestion to an author, it would be to share other authors they have read and enjoyed.

Judy Gardner: Put an excerpt of the upcoming book, ask readers to follow for further updates.

Amy Workman: Actually respond to fans. If you’re on FB, it is nice and inspiring that you like and interact with us. I have unfollowed many authors that are on FB, post lots but do not interact with fans. If you add me on FB, then I think you could at least interact also. I know you’re busy but as the saying goes . . . you have time to do what you want.

Phylis Carpenter: If they are doing an event on Facebook I will like that and share it, if it’s a genre that I usually read.  I know writers are busy, but I like those that take the time to answer your questions or just attend a Facebook event that allows you to chat and get to know the author.

Anonymous #1: I connect via the book launch parties. They are awesome.

Anonymous #2:
Write good books, respond to questions, have contests/giveaways where they interact with readers.

When you’re scrolling your newsfeed, what types of posts are you most likely to “like” from an author? (About their books, funny memes, personal things . . . )

Sharon Vertetis Aguanno: All of the above, and from the last question, down to earth authors.

Judy Gardner: The ones announcing a new book coming out or that share something quirky about the author.

Amy Workman: Now that actually depends. I will like, luv haha many posts because the author posts as a friend. Others, because they do not interact with fans (friends) I have clicked unfollow. It means more if you act as a friend even though your profession is being an author. You act as a friend not as a celebrity who thinks they are better than the rest. If you want me on FB, act like you do.

Phylis Carpenter: Anything that pops out at me. Again, I love the giveaways or the possibility of a giveaway. Such as if I see one that says "when I reach xx number of likes I may give a book or two away. Then I will like and share the post. If I decide that I don't want to follow that author anymore then I just turn my notifications off for them, but I do not unlike their page when the contest is over.

Anonymous #1: All of the above. :)

Anonymous #2: For me, this really depends on who the author is.

Are there some authors with whom you’ve become friends but don’t follow?

Sharon Vertetis Aguanno: Yes, I have authors on my Facebook page that I friended or they friended me and I love reading and responding to their personal posts, however I do not enjoy their genre. Sci Fi is a good example.

Judy Gardner: Yes, one, because she has never asked me to follow her!

Amy Workman: No. I follow the Authors who actually interact on a personal level on FB with me. I have clicked unfollow on about 20 authors due to no interaction from them. They post that they have drawings to win a book or set of their books, but I am not impressed they only post that type of items.

Phylis Carpenter: No, not that I can think of.

Anonymous #1: I wouldn't say "friends" past FB to an extent, but I don't follow some of them. A few are, well, off-putting, but that can change.

Anonymous #2:
This doesn’t happen often, but posts annoy me where the author tells you he doesn’t make much money and “begs” you to buy his books so he can eat next month.

What types of posts from authors annoy you? 

Sharon Vertetis Aguanno: Not just authors . . . I dislike strong political statements and harsh statements about God! And Negative attitudes!

Judy Gardner: nothing from authors annoys me!

Amy Workman:
Posting “win a book or set of my books” but do not actually interact with anyone. They only use FB as social media to promote something.

Phylis Carpenter: I can't think of any unless if you count the ones where they put a cute cover and a great description and then I have to wait a couple of months before I can buy the book because it won't be released until then. I hate to wait.

Joan Falten Somers: I avoid any people who post anything political!

Anonymous #1: I'm always happy to know about books, or be reminded of a book. But when I have 15 posts in 15 groups from the SAME author on the SAME day, that is overdoing it a little.

Anonymous #2: If I like and would recommend an author’s books, I will share author posts about new books, special sales, and giveaways.

What types of posts from authors do you share? 

Sharon Vertetis Aguanno: Anything that I personally relate to. A funny meme, for example. Book promotions, book tours, blog postings. It only takes a minute to promote an author or a good book/series. If I can help, I like to do it!

Judy Gardner: Book sales or new books.

Amy Workman: I share a lot of the funny memes, I share about new books coming out or the updates on how the new book is coming. It means I endorse you as an author that I luv luv luv to read and am proud to say I think of you as an actual FB friend.

Phylis Carpenter: Any posts announcing Facebook events the author might be in, or anything that catches my eye, I think it might appeal to my friends as well so I will like and share. I know I keep mentioning giveaways, but I really like reading and read a lot of books. I always try to leave a review and recommend books to my friends as well. It doesn’t have to be print books—ebooks are great because you don't have to wait for them to be mailed.   
Anonymous #1: Book launches, book sales, interview links.

Anonymous #2: If I like and would recommend an author’s books, I will share author posts about new books, special sales, and giveaways.

So there you have it. I would have liked a few more perspectives, but you can lead a horse to water . . . In any case, this has been an interesting subject to delve into. Leave a comment if you want to give your feedback on any of the questions. If, by any chance, you missed the post with the author's thoughts, keep scrolling down. Thanks to the readers who participated and to those who stopped by A Blue Million Books. Happy reading!


Sharon Vertetis Aguanno is from Kingston, New York, Lawrenceville, Georgia, Tampa Bay, Florida, Sierra Vista, Arizona, and finally San Antonio, Texas.

Judy Gardner
lives in Florida.

Amy Workman's hometown is Wadsworth, Ohio. She currently lives in Aurora, Colorado.

Phylis Carpenter is from Frederick, Maryland. She currently lives in Ranburne, Alabama.

Joan Falten Somers lives in Severna Park, Maryland.