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Welcome back to A Blue Million Books, Dennis. Sand Key is the second book in a series, and while I would recommend reading the series in order, do you consider it a standalone, or do you think readers need to read the series in order?
Sand Key is the sequel to my first published novel, Gulf Boulevard. You can read Sand Key as a stand-alone or start the adventure with Gulf Boulevard.

Who would you pick to write your biography?

Me. Been there, done that. The title is Life Minus 3½.

Well, Life Minus 3½ is a fantastic book, and I highly recommend it, as it’s on my top ten favorite books of all time list, but it was only about a portion of your life. There are tons of things readers would still like to know about Dennis Hart. For instance, have you ever been in any natural disasters?
Does my first marriage qualify?

Facepalm. I should have known. Technically, it doesn’t count, but since I’ve read Life Minus 3½, I do take your point. Besides marrying your first wife, what is the most daring thing you've done?
Mountain climb without ropes.

I don’t believe you. You’re too smart for that. What is the stupidest thing you've ever done?  Besides marrying your first wife, of course.
See above.

I walked right into that one. What makes you bored?
Boring things.

Of course. What choices in life would you like to have a redo on?
There are too many to list here.

If someone gave you $5,000 and said you must solve a problem, what would you do with the money?
Give it back.

I don’t think you’re quite getting the concept of interviewing an author so others can find out more about him, although I do think you’re giving readers a taste of your humorous side. But let’s try again . . . What makes you nervous?

Public speaking and turbulence.

Now we’re getting somewhere. What makes you happy?

Not speaking in public and landing safely.

My mean teacher look is about to be unleashed. What makes you scared?
Crazy people.

Define crazy. I might be one of them.

Crazy people are wide-eyed, disheveled, nose-pickin' turds who have to get in my face to make a point. These folks are often seen in vehicles covered in bumper stickers or walking like zombies down the aisles of WalMart.

Whew. By your definition, I’m not crazy. Sounds like a yankee thing. What makes you excited?
Too personal.

Not that kind of excited. Oh brother. Just who do you think you are? I mean, seriously, who is Dennis Hart?
I'm not sure. Hopefully someone will explain it on my tombstone. 

Ahem . . . I see you weaseled out of another one. If you could only save one thing from your house, what would it be?
My dog, because he advises me on content. 

He is a beaut, and he looks very smart. What brings you sheer delight? Besides your dog. And my work.
Vegetables from my garden that the varmints didn't eat.

Would you rather be a lonely genius, or a sociable idiot?
Lonely idiot?

You’re being difficult again. What’s one of your favorite quotes?
"Get busy living, or get busy dying." Morgan Freeman - Shawshank Redemption

Finally! An honest answer. If you could live anywhere in the world, where in the world would it be?
Any English speaking island where the sun shines, the sand is soft, the breeze tropical, and the salt water turquoise and calm. 

What would your main character, Jason, say about you?
That dope can't write!

Psshaw. How did you create the plot for Sand Key?

I spent many hours arguing with the characters.

Who won?
The characters always win. It's like a union; if they don't get their way, they walk.

Are any of them inspired by real people? 

Yes...they know who they are.

Tell the truth: do you rake your sand like your main character Jason does?
Yes, I rake, and I'm proud of it.

Is your book based on real events?
No. Well, kinda...sometimes.

You write about mobsters a lot. Have you ever whacked anybody?

Like I'm gonna answer that.

Who are your favorite authors?

Nelson DeMille, John Grisham, Carl Hiaasen, and for my southern fix, Amy Metz.

Awww . . . aren’t you sweet. You’re not just sucking up, are you? Never mind, I'll take what I can get. What book are you currently reading and in what format?
Gray Mountain - Grisham, hardcovers only. 

It’s no secret. I love your work. There are so many times when I read your books and think ‘I wish I’d written that.’ What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your writing?
I was compared to Tim Dorsy, and Carl Hiaasen. But more importantly the reviewer laughed and loved my work.

Well, speaking from experience, I think a person would have to be dead not to laugh at your work. I actually like it much better than Carl Hiaasen’s. I’ve never read Tim Dorsy’s work. I’ll get right on that and get back to you. Why did you decide to self-publish Sand Key?

The owner of The Permanent Press was in a drunken stupor when he reached out to me to publish Gulf Boulevard. He has since regretted that decision.

I enjoy self-publishing. It allows me the freedom of cover design and content. But the stigma is certainly a speed bump when trying to reach the masses.

And distribution is nearly impossible unless you're lucky enough to enjoy a wildfire of word-of-mouth accolades. 

True. What are you working on now?
World peace.
Of course you are. Good luck with that. And good luck with Sand Key.


Dennis Hart is the owner of an environmental equipment rental company in Massachusetts. He was an active member of a writer’s forum since 2010 called “The Next Big Writer,” and his work has been well received and critiqued by other authors. His self-published memoir, Life Minus 3½, was ranked number one for several weeks out of hundreds of submissions. In a separate writing contest judged by published authors, the memoir was selected third best out of 427 entries. It has also received a recommended review by KIRKUS.

His first published novel titled Gulf Boulevard, (The Permanent Press-March 2014) received numerous accolades from prominent reviewers. Sand Key is the sequel to Gulf Boulevard.

His other novels in progress include Pictures of Children, Flight of the Owl, and his short stories include "Storms," "Bandits," and "Heat Wave."

Connect with Dennis:
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