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A lover of all things green, CeCe Prentice is not impressed when a fully-sustainable development, Green Acres, pops up next to her family’s homestead. It’s not so much the ridiculous price tag of the million dollar homes built entirely from re-usable materials and powered by the sun, but rather the new neighbors who think they can simply buy a green lifestyle.

To make matters worse, one homeowner turns out to be CeCe’s high school nemesis, Phoebe Purcell, a hair-tossing vamp who tried to break up CeCe and her long-time boyfriend, Charlie. 

Already disillusioned by the so-called eco-friendly development, CeCe’s family home is threatened when a series of power-outages at Green Acres kicks off a rash of home invasions. When neighbors start showing up dead, the mood at Green Acres turns south. But when Charlie, CeCe’s on-again, off-again love interest is implicated in the murders, CeCe springs into action when she discovers the only clue – a portrait she painted years ago.


Dierdre, do you have a writing routine?
I hope readers can relate to my routine. When I get home from work, I ferry my kids around town, pick socks off the floor, go the market, make dinner, finish laundry . . . Then, I sit down and write.

Do you write every day?
I write almost every day depending upon my never-ending list of chores above.

What’s more important – characters or plot?
I think it’s hard to create new plots in a series especially if your main character isn’t a detective. You have to find a way to insert your character into the action. My main character, CeCe Prentice, becomes a sketch artist after her brother is murdered. Her profession comes in handy, and I try to weave plots around her expertise.

How often do you read?
In the summer, I’ll read two to three books a week. I tend to write more in the winter which leaves less time for reading.

What books do you currently have published?
Drawing Conclusions (2015), Drawing Blood (2016), The Drawing Game (2016)

If you could only watch one television station for a year, what would it be?
Probably HGTV. I love International House Hunters because it has inspired me to travel. My goal is to retire and rent an apartment in a new city every year.

How often do you tweet?
Rarely. I just don’t get it.

How do you feel about Facebook?

I don’t have a dog or a cat so I don’t post as often as most people. I’m thinking about getting a dog for the sole purpose of increasing my posts.

I hear you! For what would you like to be remembered?

Dialogue. My characters are known for their snappy banter that readers seem to enjoy.

What five things would you never want to live without?
My library card, Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream, Tretorn white canvas sneakers, a beach towel, M&M’s.

What’s one thing you never leave the house without (besides your phone)?
I always forget my phone, but I try to remember my prescription sunglasses.

What do you love about where you live?
I live in lower Westchester, a 30-minute train ride to Manhattan.  I don’t go into the city as often as I’d like, but when I do, I’m so glad it’s near-by.

What's your favorite treat for movie night?
Sno-Caps, a Diet Coke, and my kids. We recently saw Arrival and it was a big hit. Definitely a two-box of Sno-Caps kind of night.

What is your superpower?
I can still remember every item of clothing my best friends wore in high school.

Name one thing you’re really good at and one thing you’re really bad at.
I can write with both hands. Somehow, I can’t remember to use either hand to write down my husband’s birthday. I’m always late with a gift.

What do you like to do when there’s nothing to do?
Sit under an umbrella on my deck with a magazine or a book.

Where is your favorite place to visit?

I just got back from Sedona, Arizona. What incredible scenery! Breathtaking.

What’s your least favorite chore?
I can’t stand the supermarket. Just typing this sentence makes me cringe. Why? I’m overwhelmed by the number of brands and versions. Do we really need eight different types of Oreos?

I totally agree. 
Would you rather be a movie star, sports star, or rock star?

All I’ve ever wanted to be was Deborah Harry from the punk rock group Blondie. I have a picture of me in the 80’s trying very hard to pull off the look.

What’s in your refrigerator right now?
I’m currently on a broccoli and salmon kick. I grill every night. Of course, with such a healthy dinner I have to have ice cream in the freezer.

What would your main character say about you?

I knew you weren’t that nice.

Oh my! 
Pretend you have a personal chef for the night. What would you ask him to prepare? As long as the chef does the supermarket shopping, I can handle the cooking.

How do you like your pizza?
Without calories, which is why I rarely indulge. That being said, there is a great pizza place near me that does a mean Brussel sprout pizza.

What are you working on now?
I’m working on a thriller called The Devil’s Blind Spot. It’s a bit out of character for me, but I’m having fun with it. The plot requires me to drive randomly through the Bronx in search of dicey scene settings.


Deirdre Verne is the author of Drawing Conclusions (2015), Drawing Blood (February 2016) and The Drawing Game (December 2017). Deirdre’s interest in green living inspired her to create an off-the-grid character, CeCe Prentice, who Dumpster dives her way through the Sketch in Crime mystery series. “Verne’s mystery is a winner…” Kirkus Reviews.  A member of Sisters in Crime, Deirdre’s stories appear in all three NewYork chapter anthologies – Murder New York Style, Murder New York Style: Fresh Slices and Family Matters.

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