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Just married! It's time for . . . a murder?

When checking into the posh Myriad Hotel on their honeymoon, Hector and Pamela Jackson discover a dead body! All the couple wants to do, though, is keep out of the commotion and enjoy some well-earned rest.

But another person dies, and they happen to appear at the crime scene. When a third person falls right in front of them, the police begin to wonder why.

Who's responsible for the murders? Why are they happening? Are the couple under suspicion? Where does the little stray dog hanging around the hotel entrance come from? And when are Hector and Pamela finally going to have a proper honeymoon?

All these questions are answered in this first of The Myriad Mysteries—a clean, mild murder mystery set in a fictional hotel in 1920's Chicago.

Book Details:

Title: Ring-A-Ding Dead!

Author: Claire Logan

Genre: cozy mystery

Series: Myriad Mysteries, book 1

Publisher: Self-published (May 29, 2019)

Print length: 244 pages

On tour with: Great Escapes Book Tours


About the Character

Name: Mrs. Pamela Jackson (at least, that's what she tells everyone . . . )
Race: Today, she would be called mixed. She's described as having light brown skin.
Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120
Build: Slender and curvy
Hair color: At present, her hair is black.
Hair style: Bobbed, very curly
Eye color: Deep blue
Relationship status: Just married!

Name of romantic partner: Mr. Hector Jackson (well, that's what he tells everyone . . . )

Distinguishing features: At the moment, has a sling on her right arm from a recent surgery.

Neat or messy dresser? Messy.

What is her personal style: Fashionable. Likes loose clothing.
Does she have any speak with an accent? Yes, but no one in the story can really pin it down.

Is this a main character or supporting character? One of two main characters.


Is she optimistic or pessimistic? Tends to be pessimistic.

Is she an introvert or extrovert? Extrovert.

Does she have any bad habits? Smokes.

What is her strongest character trait? Single-minded: will not give up once she gets the idea to do something.

What is her weakest character trait? Is slow to trust people.

What sense does she most rely on? Vision
What quality does she most value in a friend? Honesty
What is her pet peeve? People who are overly dramatic.

What is her idiosyncrasies? Logical thinker. Likes to write things down. Goes on walks a lot.

What is her greatest achievement? Getting out of the town she grew up in.

What is her ambitions? She wants to travel the world.

What is her favorite food? Mashed potatoes.

Is she serious or laid back? Serious.

How does she feel about herself? Negatively. She's had a lot of losses which she hasn't gotten over yet.

Is there any aspect of herself that she is blind to? She can be unreasonably stubborn.

Does she make a positive or negative first impression? Does that impression hold up? Usually positive, but it doesn't always hold up.
Who does her family consist of? Right now, her and her husband.

Does she have any pets? She acquires one during the first book!

Has she ever had her heart broken? Yes. More than once.


How does she respond to a threat? Immediately reacts.
Is she most likely to fight with their fists or their tongue? Words, although she's quite capable with weapons . . .
What is her choice of weapon? A gun.
Does she have a secret? Quite a few, actually.
Is she confrontational? Yes.
Does she carry a weapon? She used to, but doesn't anymore.

Work, Education and Hobbies

What is her current job? Currently not employed.
What are her hobbies? Loves reading!
What is her intelligence level? Fairly intelligent.
Does she have any special training? She used to be a professional private investigator.
Does she have a natural talent for something? Shooting.


Is she comfortable with technology? It's all new to her.
What is her greatest regret? Her former marriage. She's a widow and regrets not being better to her former husband.
What is her idea of perfect happiness? Forgetting the past entirely.

Please see the interview with Pamela's husband, Hector Jackson, here.


Claire Logan has loved reading since she can remember! She loves puzzles and mysteries and intrigue and of all the cities she’s been to, Chicago is her favorite. Her four years living in Chicago during grad school were wonderful. Plus she loves history. And wasn't the 1920's wild? She’s always wanted to write a series set in Chicago and now here's her chance.

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