Friday, February 8, 2013

Featuring Author Ty Patterson

I'm happy to welcome Author Ty Patterson today to A Blue Million Books. Ty's novel, The Warrior, is an action suspense thriller that was released in December.

About the author:

Ty has lived on a couple of continents and this experience has helped his writing.

When Ty is not writing the Zeb and Broker series of books, he is working in a demanding job which he likens to saving the world but without wearing the red underpants on the outside.

About the book:

Zeb Carter is almost your average Private Military Contractor. Almost.

When working for a WDE (We Don't Exist) Agency, Zeb witnesses a gruesome crime in the Congo and tracks the perpetrators down to New York. Only to discover that not only are they protected by the FBI, but also are closely connected to a very high profile politician.

Ordered to stand down by the FBI, Zeb finds that his hunt brings those close to him in the sights of the killers.

A thriller that spans Congo and New York, The Warrior is dotted with gritty action, a central character that fuels imagination, and a supporting cast of great colorful characters.

The Warrior is about relentless determination and a burning need to avenge and to deliver retribution against all odds. The Warrior is not just about action but also about character build up and the clash of differing values and how those clashes affect outcomes. Lastly, The Warrior is about the brotherhood of warriors.

The first in the Zeb Carter and Broker series.

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