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This powerful, passionate, highly emotional novel tells the story of Jane Fairly and her struggle to find love and happiness after being adopted as a baby and then coerced into marriage at the age of sixteen. She only narrowly avoids being killed by her abusive husband and manages to escape to Cornwall, where she tries to rebuild her life. Only after numerous other ups and downs does Jane start to find herself and discover how to be happy.
 Fairly Jane will move you, shock you, and warm your heart.

Book Details:

 Title: Fairly Jane

Author: Kathryn Cowling

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publisher: The Conrad Press (October 12, 2018)

Print length: 300 pages


Things I need in order to write: An uncluttered mind.
Things that hamper my writing: Too much going on around me.

Things I love about writing: It takes me to a an imaginary place where I can create the characters and scenarios I want to.
Things I hate about writing: Proof reading, I go through my books several times to make sure there are no mistakes and by the time I've read it a dozen times, I never want to look at it again.

Things I love about where I live: I live in Cornwall and couldn't imagine not living close to a beach and open countryside.
Things that make me want to move: Absolutely nothing.

Easiest thing about being a writer: Creating new characters.
Hardest thing about being a writer:
Getting the general public to know that my books are out there and available to read.

Words that describe you: Ambitious, passionate, creative.
Words that describe you but you wish they didn't: Bossy, and a little controlling.

Something I wish I could do: Fly, but I'm too  frightened - I've never been any place. When my daughter got married in Malta, I went by car and boat. It took three days and everyone else arrived in three hours.
Something I wish I'd never learned to do: Nothing at all.


When will the War be Over? 

Someday Soon . . . 


Kathryn Cowling and is 52 years old. Fairly Jane is her third book to be published. Her first two books were published by a company called Novum.  This company didn’t charge her to publish the books, but she feels it was a mistake on her part to use them. They priced the books at £16.99 which is far too expensive for and unknown author, and they did not proofread them or advertise them, so no one actually knows they’re out there. They are called Some Day Soon…. and When will the War be over?
Kathryn’s main interest is writing books set in WW2.  Both her first two novels are set in this period as well as her fourth book that is yet to be published. Fairly Jane is, however, set in the 1950s and 1960s.  
Kathryn lives in Cornwall and has done all her life. Once her two children flew the nest she began to write books and would love to her living as an author. Her books are set in both Bristol and Cornwall. She runs a business carrying out Energy Performance Certificates at the moment but would love to write full time.
Kathryn is hoping that Publishing Push will ensure that the public knows her book exists. She has spent months trying to make her books known to the public but constantly comes up against a brick wall. She wonders how successful authors actually get themselves recognised and established in the industry.
Fairly Jane tells the story of a girl that was born in WW2 to parents married to other people. She is subsequently adopted, and when she does find out about her true identity at the age of sixteen years old she is so shocked.

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