Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cool Book of the Week: Coptales


A Police Anthology
 Available from Amazon Kindle and Lulu in Print
Published by Paul Anthony Associates

Contributing authors:

Paul Anthony, Simon Hepworth, Roger Price, Wayne Zurl, Amy Metz, Marion Tervitt, Ray Gregory, Dave Miller, Hywel Griffiths, David Barker

Would your grandmother like this book?
Yes, probably. She enjoyed reading.

Why is your book cool?
Because it not only donates its profits to a UK based charity providing for police survivors. It also gives previously unpublished authors an opportunity to have their work published, help in the marketing, and enjoy the experience of being a ‘published’ author in print and Kindle. Simultaneously, it gives published authors an opportunity to display their wares to a new and expanding audience.

reached #21 in the Kindle anthology store within 24 hours of publication, so it is doing very well. I loved collecting all the various pieces of work to make the anthology and then reading it complete for the first time. Of course, I am very biased, but I’m also very pleased for the team involved. They should all be very proud of themselves. I’m sure lots of authors would testify to the nervous disposition you can find yourself in when you are first published.

And this is a great time to thank you, Amy Metz, for helping in the marketing of Uncuffed
and contributing some of your work to Coptales. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you for asking me to be involved with this project, Paul. I was honored and very happy to be asked to contribute to this anthology.

About the book:

Enjoy this great Christmas read ... This anthology is brought to you at Christmastime by a collection of police writers from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and their guests. It includes work by authors from Wales, Scotland, Cumbria, West Yorks, Lancashire, Arizona, Washington, Texas, Barcelona, Nerja, NYPD, and Kentucky, with  stories for children, poetry, ghost stories, paranormal, fantasy, and crime fiction. And you'll find that it's not just Christmas that they write about. There are a lot of surprises too. All proceeds from the anthology are donated to UK Cops - a police charity dedicated to looking after survivors. This is the second 'police anthology' and it follows on from Uncuffed which was published earlier in the year. There's something for everyone here. Turn the pages and join the adventure. Written by the police family for the police family.

Why reviewers think it's cool:

A lovely, heart-warming, thought provoking, entertaining and enjoyable read for all the family. -Meg Johnston, author and editor

About Paul Anthony:

Paul Anthony is a retired detective from the UK who specialized in counter terrorism. He is the author of 14 books which include 8 full-length crime thrillers.

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