Saturday, April 26, 2014

Featured Author: Leti Del Mar

Leti Del Mar's fourth book, Secrets of the Unaltered, a young adult dystopian romance, has just been released, and she's here today to talk about the book, herself, and writing. This week, Leti is celebrating release week, and the book is available for $0.99.

About the book:

The fate of the entire Confederation rests on their shoulders.

Only they have what it takes to uncover the secrets that have imprisoned their land, but can they survive a truth more disturbing than they ever imagined?

Rose and Flynn have left the Land of the Unaltered on a mission to discover the truth behind who created the genetically engineered super army and stop it before the Rebellion is doomed. Time is ticking, but soon capital life begins to pull them in different directions. Flynn struggles to fit in with the self-indulgent and fashion obsessed populous while the expectations of Rose’s influential family tests their fragile and newly formed relationship. Will they let the capital pull them apart?

Everyone is counting on them, but in this time of discord, can they count on each other?

Secrets of the Unaltered is a Young Adult Dystopian Romance and is the second installment of The Confederation Chronicles.

Interview with Leti Del Mar

Leti, welcome back to A Blue Million Books. Your bio says you teach math and life science to teenagers. That's like a foreign language to me. Do you like the work?

I love it (most of the time), and I think it gives me an edge on the inner workings of the teenage mind. I also love to include a wee bit of science in all of my works.

Which character did you most enjoy writing?

I love Flynn.  He is so socially awkward, but smart and hardworking and unselfish. I just want to tell him to shut up and then give him a big hug.

That's probably a familiar sentiment with teenagers! Tell us about your favorite scene in the book.

I love when Flynn gets a makeover after getting to the capital. There is nothing like a Pretty Woman scene mixed in with a budding “Bromance” to put a smile on my face.

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

Whenever my toddler is asleep and wherever she is not sleeping!

Where’s home for you?

Southern California. It is almost always sunny, close to everything I love; be it shopping, museums, or mountain trails and beaches. I love it here!

Let's pretend you’re leaving the country for a year. What’s the last meal (or food) you would want to have before leaving?

I’ve put some serious thought to this one and I’d have to say Baja Style Fish Tacos. They are beer battered, have lots of lime, are fried, and have this special Baja California sauce that is a mystery and a delight. I don’t think I can go too long without them.

What’s one of your favorite quotes?

“A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” Although it sounds better in Spanish.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I could see myself in the UK. I already watch way too much BBC America. I just need to figure out how to import Baja Sauce.

What are you working on now? 

I am working on three projects at once. I am outlining the sequel in my Romantic Suspense series called The Inexperianced Thief, and I’m outlining the final installment in the Confederation Chronicles, a YA Dystopian Romance called The Rise of the Unaltered.  Also, I am in the very beginnings of planning a YA Sci-Fi trilogy about a summer camp for kids with superpowers.

Wow. And you teach, and you have a toddler! Please come back and tell us more about these projects and how you do it all!

About the author:

Leti Del Mar lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, daughter and abnormally large cat. When she isn’t writing, reading or blogging, she is teaching Biology and Algebra to teenagers. Leti is also a classic film buff, passionate about Art History and loves to travel.

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