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Cape May, New Jersey is the site of a big culinary competition—and the knives are out . . .

Poppy McAllister is happy about opening a Jersey Shore B&B—but working in a professional kitchen has always been her real dream. Now it’s coming true, at least briefly, as she teams up with her former fiancée, Tim—and his condescending partner, Gigi—during the high-profile Restaurant Week challenge. Poppy’s specialty is pastries, despite her devotion to a Paleo diet. But if anyone can make glorious gluten-free goodies, it’s Poppy.

Things get heated quickly—especially when some ingredients get switched and Tim’s accused of sabotage. Relatively harmless pranks soon escalate into real hazards, including an exploding deep fryer. And now one of the judges has died after taking a bite of Poppy’s cannoli—making her the chef suspect . . .  

Includes Seven Recipes from Poppy’s Kitchen!

Book Details:

Title: Restaurant Weeks Are Murder   

Author: Libby Klein   

Genre: Cozy mystery

Series: A Poppy McAllister Mystery, book 3

Publisher: Kensington (February 26, 2019)

Print length: 304 pages

On tour with: Great Escapes Book Tours


A few of your favorite things: My fur babies, French press coffee, my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, Rose vanilla body scrub, UGGS, fuzzy blankets, and my award winning book, Dayton the Rabbit (2nd place in the fourth grade creative writing contest)
Things you need to throw out: Twenty-seven pairs of socks with holes in them.
Clothes that I haven’t fit into for thirty-five years.
Self-esteem issues.
Receipts from 1989 – I just know I’ll be audited if I get rid of them.

Things you love about writing: I love laughing at things my characters say and do. Aunt Ginny is always surprising me.
Things you hate about writing:
I hate when the day job gets in the way. I have an anxiety attack just thinking about missing a deadline.

Things you never want to run out of: Coffee, Peanut butter, bacon
Things you wish you’d never bought: Quinoa – this tastes nothing like rice
Tofu – what was I thinking?
Psyllium husk bread – just no.

Favorite foods: Peanut butter, chocolate, pasta, cheese, bread, TOAST
Things that make you want to throw up: Seafood, organ meats, snails, kombucha

Favorite music: I love Motown, 70s Rock, 80s Hair bands, Alternative – Right now my favorite artists are Imagine Dragons and 21 Pilots.
Music that make your ears bleed: Rap, Acid, Folk.

Favorite beverage: Coffee! But I’ve recently fallen in love with Thai iced tea. OMG
Something that gives you a pickle face: Green Tea – yuck!

Something you’re really good at: Baking, Dancing with an aerobics video.
Something you’re really bad at: Knitting, crochet, needlework, throwing a ball, dancing without an aerobics video

Things you always put in your books: Humor – We have enough sadness in the world.
Body Confidence themes – We need to learn to love ourselves just the way we are.
Feel good themes – I want my readers to finish my books happy and uplifted.

Things you never put in your books: Animal cruelty.

Things to say to an author: I loved your book. It meant so much to me on a deep, personal level. 
Things to say to an author if you want to be fictionally killed off in their next book: You had a mistake on page 284.

Favorite places you’ve been: French Polynesia, Paris, Venice, Maui, Scotland
Places you never want to go to again: Pisa, North Hollywood, The Piggly Wiggly in Bonifay, Florida.

People you’d like to invite to dinner: Carol Burnett, Betty White, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson
People you’d cancel dinner on: Every single political Talk Show host – if I want drama and unbridled opinion sharing I’ll invite my family over.

Best thing you’ve ever done: 
Cooking lessons in Paris.
Biggest mistake: Helicopter tour over Kauai where I learned the meaning of motion sickness.


Libby Klein graduated Lower Cape May Regional High School sometime in the '80s. Her classes revolved mostly around the culinary sciences and theater, with the occasional nap in Chemistry. She loves to drink coffee, bake gluten free goodies, and befriend random fluffy cats. She writes from her Northern Virginia office while trying to keep her cat Figaro off her keyboard. Most of her hobbies revolve around eating, and travel, and eating while traveling.

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