Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet Millie Boyd

Today I'm happy to be talking with Millie Boyd, the main character in The Happenstance Marshall by Michael O’Gara. Before we get started, here's a little bit about Millie:
When life gave Millie lemons she set out to save a town and got a badge and a gun in the process. Her friends and community believed in her when others didn’t and gave her the chance others wouldn’t. Through a series of adventures and misadventures Millie became a true folk hero because she has grit and smarts. It doesn’t hurt that she has the “nose of a blood hound” and a natural aptitude for seeing what others don’t.

Welcome, Millie! Tell us, how did you first meet your writer?
I really didn’t have any say about meeting him. Poof and there I was on a page one day. He didn’t ask if I wanted to be quirky and down to earth. He just wrote me that way.

Want to dish about him/her?
I can’t tell you what I really think of him or he’ll write me into some really humiliating situation. He’s done it before when I didn’t even provoke him. Go figure.

Did you ever think that your life would end up being in a book?
You’re kidding right? A townie gal like me makes it big time? No way!

Way. In fact, you're a figment of Michael's imagination. What is your least favorite characteristic your writer has given you?
That I’m petite. Why couldn’t I have been some tall Amazon type? It would have made my life so much easier. I had to work really hard before anyone would take me seriously, and I became a peace officer more by luck than because anyone would hire me as a cop. There is a lot of prejudice against smaller people. Can you believe my writer once had me described as five foot nothing? I’m over five two.

Do have any secret aspirations that your author doesn’t know about?
Yeah, I’d like to beat the crap out of him for making my life so difficult. I won’t do it though, because I’m not like that. He thinks solving mysteries and taking down the bad guys is a lark. It’s not. It’s hard work and it’s dangerous. At least he gave me a lot of interesting friends and family.

At least there's that. If you had a free day with no responsibilities, and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?
Go fishin’ of course.

Of course. What impression do you make on people when they first meet you?
Some people make the mistake of not taking me seriously at first. They don’t do that a second time.

Yikes. Okay, other side of the coin--what's the worst thing that's happened in your life? What did you learn from it?
It is really hard to lose a loved one. I learned though, that life is for the living, so mourn, then get on with life. Life is not always fair and you might as well accept that, as well as sometimes you get what you don’t really deserve.

It sounds like Michael has also given you some common sense. 
Tell us about your best friend.
I have two BFFs. Doris owns the diner, and she’s a successful business woman, and she’s good looking too. Most of the men in town are scared to death of a woman who’s smart, successful, and good looking. They can handle one of those characteristics but not when they’re combined. She doesn’t have much of a social life. Anna is a retired schoolteacher and is now the Mayor. She taught me in school. Despite our age differences me, Doris, and Anna are good buddies.

What are you most afraid of?
It’s a close thing between being shot and having my heart broken again. Now that I think about it, I think I’d rather be shot than fall in love again and have another husband die.

What’s the best trait your author has given you? What’s the worst?

I like that he has given me a good heart but he’s made me a little rough around the edges. I wonder if the rough edges will wear off over time?

What do you like best about Mitch? Least?

Mitch is a hunk. His problem is that he is too self absorbed.

Oh no. Not another one of those. Watch out for him, Millie. How do you feel about your life right now? What, if anything, would you like to change?
Life is good. I have a purpose that comes with a badge and a gun. I sure could use a husband though. I’m not picky. He just needs to be a hunk, smart, witty, hard working, romantic, and adore me. I don’t want a lot really.

Sounds reasonable to me. I'll put in a good word with Michael. See if he can't work something out for you. What aspect of your author’s writing style do you like best?
The people who read about me say they really like me and my friends and my interesting story. Of course there is a lot going on. I like it when things are happening.
As one person who read about me put it, “I found this book to be truly enchanting. It is a rare blend of mystery, romance, and humor, which is rare in books these days. It is well written, with strong character development and good chemistry between the players. When I finished it, I was eager to find the next book in the series. I haven't enjoyed a book this much in years.”

You're a very intriguing character, Millie. I'm looking forward to reading all of the books in the Millie Mystery series. Thanks for being here. And good luck on that hunt for a good man!

About Millie's author:
Michael lives in Missouri with his wife Ronda. He is a full time writer of mystery, thriller, and historical fiction (action adventure) novels. Michael is a graduate of Fontbonne University and earned both Master of Fine Arts and Master of Business Administration Degrees there. He is also a graduate of St. Lawrence College where he studied Business Accounting. His past experience includes work as a newspaper reporter, news analyst, editor, accountant, financial analyst, artist, City Administrator and Town Manager. He has lived in regions as diverse as the Canadian sub-arctic and Florida.

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