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Space-sheriff Joe Corbit may have just found the greatest collector's item in the history of the universe.

He also may have doomed the human race.

When a distress call leads him to the ruins of a lost, alien civilization, he finds an illegal archaeological dig underway. The Chinese Galactic Empire is working alongside the Martian mob in order to smuggle an ancient artifact across state lines.

One deadly shoot-out later and Joe finds himself the sole custodian of the curious relic. His plan is to auction it off to the highest bidder, that is, until he finds out why the Chinese were after it in the first place.

They believe it to be an ancient alien super-weapon.

All Joe has to do is hold off the most powerful space fleet in galaxy, long enough to prove that this whole 'ancient alien super-weapon' thing is being blown way out of proportion.

You see, Joe is hellbent on selling this artifact. Even if it kills him.


Title: The Star Collector

Author: Matthew William

Genre: Sci-fi

Publish date: March 27, 2019

Print length: 250 pages



A few of your favorite things: Sitting by the fire with a little bourbon and my wife and cats.
Things you need to throw out: All my crappy clothes.

Things you need in order to write: My laptop.
Things that hamper your writing: My laptop.

Things you love about writing: Creating new worlds.
Things you hate about writing: Feeling like I have to perform. It’s not something you can do mindlessly, it has to be concentrated effort.

Easiest thing about being a writer: Not having to wake up early.

Hardest thing about being a writer:
Fear of writing something people will hate – or worse – be indifferent to.

Things you love about where you live: The nature out in the country is really beautiful.
Things that make you want to move: The lack of stimulation that a city can offer.

Things you never want to run out of: Contact lenses.
Things you wish you’d never bought: Usually, it’s a bag of chips the moment after I eat the last of the crumbs.

Words that describe you: Friendly. Deep thinking. Kind.
Words that describe you but you wish they didn’t: Grumpy. Anxious. Lazy.

Favorite foods: I’m a fan of almost all food, so it’s so hard to whittle it down to just a few. I guess sushi would be near the top. Or a spicy curry. Or a good Italian sub.
Things that make you want to throw up: I’m not a fan of carrots.

Favorite music: Indie rock of all sorts.
Music that make your ears bleed: Death metal could probably do the trick.

Favorite beverage: A nice coffee. Cranberry juice. Yuengling beer.

Something that gives you a pickle face: Pickle juice, I guess.

Favorite smell: Tomato plants. There’s nothing like that smell, and it brings me back to being a kid.

Something that makes you hold your nose: Having to clean out a liter box.

Something you’re really good at: Basketball.

Something you’re really bad at: Snowboarding, skateboarding, anything that involves a board and balancing on it. 

Something you wish you could do: Speak Chinese.
Something you wish you’d never learned to do: I feel like learning to write in cursive was a colossal waste of time. But, since I was only seven years old, I didn’t really have anything better to do, so it’s a wash.

Something you like to do: Host dinner parties.

Something you wish you’d never done: Thinking I could sing in front of a crowd.

People you consider as heroes: Single moms and dads.

People with a big L on their foreheads: People who litter. I mean, it’s the simplest thing in the world to just put your trash in the bin and it makes everything look so much nicer.

Last best thing you ate: We went over to a friend’s house who’s a pro chef. He made fish tacos. I almost died.

Last thing you regret eating: When I tried to make the fish tacos myself.

Things you’d walk a mile for: See answer to 2 questions ago.
Things that make you want to run screaming from the room: See answer to 2 questions ago.

Things you always put in your books: A sprinkling of humor.

Things you never put in your books: Any of the real bad swear words.

Things to say to an author: “I blew through your book in one day!”

Things to say to an author if you want to be fictionally killed off in their next book: “Where do you get your ideas from?” I don’t really hate that question, per se, but I find it interesting that I get it so often. And I don’t really have a good answer for it. The ideas just sort of appear one day.

Favorite places you’ve been: Amsterdam – perfect mix of cool, pretty and lived in.

Places you never want to go to again: The DMV.

Favorite genre: Anything sci-fi. Old school, brand new, indie authors. I love it all.

Books you would ban: I don’t think books should ever be banned. That being said, some of the Star Wars new canon books would be ideal candidates.

People you’d like to invite to dinner: All of my favorite writers, but only one at a time.
People you’d cancel dinner on: The people who made the decision to cancel “Community.”

Favorite things to do: Writing. Video games. Watching movies.

Things you’d run through a fire wearing gasoline pants to get out of doing: Taxes.

Things that make you happy: My job, my friends, my wife.

Things that drive you crazy: My job, my friends, my wife.

Most embarrassing moment: Some campfire guitar playing comes to mind.

Proudest moment: Unplugging a seriously clogged bathroom drain this past week.

Biggest lie you’ve ever told: “It’s fine.”

A lie you wish you’d told: I think I told all the ones I wanted to tell.

Best thing you’ve ever done: Took the dive to move to another country.

Biggest mistake: Not saving enough when I was younger.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done: Moved to Sweden when I was 23. I wanted to try out life in another country and had friends in Malmö. So I decided to go for it. 

Something you chickened out from doing: I went to do relief work in Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when I was 19. I was there for one week and had the opportunity to stay longer, but wimped out. I was too young and didn’t really have the courage to be away from home so long. I still regret that one.

The last thing you did for the first time: Played D&D
Something you’ll never do again: Life’s too short to say never. It’s also too long to say never.


The Enoch Pill


Matthew William grew up in the woods of Pennsylvania, reading the works of Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, and other science fiction writers with abbreviations for middle names.

Currently he lives in Sweden and keeps himself occupied with podcasting, expanding his fiction library, and spending time with his wife and two cats. He enjoys connecting with other fans of good storytelling on social media.

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