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Book three in the all-new Barks & Beans Cafe cozy mystery series!!

Welcome to the Barks & Beans Cafe, a quaint place where folks pet shelter dogs while enjoying a cup of java . . . and where murder sometimes pays a visit.

With the one-year anniversary of the now-successful Barks & Beans Cafe approaching, siblings Macy and Bo Hatfield set up an iced coffee booth at the state fair. Taking a break from brewing, Macy bumps into Carolina, a long-lost childhood friend who's now sitting pretty as a country superstar. Macy tries not to fangirl too hard when her old friend extends an invitation to meet the rest of the Carolina Crush band before their opening show.

But when Carolina falls victim to not one, but two near-death experiences, Macy takes it upon herself to find out who has it in for her old friend. Fortified with plenty of roasted corn, cinnamon rolls, and her brother's signature iced maple latte, Macy takes to the Ferris wheel to get the lay of the land from the air. She discovers too late that this year's fair isn't all fun and games . . . but she's already locked in for the ride.

Join siblings Macy and Bo Hatfield as they sniff out crimes in their hometown . . . with plenty of dogs along for the ride! The Barks & Beans Cafe cozy mystery series features a small town, an amateur sleuth, and no swearing or graphic scenes.

Book Details:
Title: Fair Trade
Author: Heather Day Gilbert
Genre: cozy mystery

Series: Barks and Beans Cafe cozy mystery, book 3

Publisher: WoodHaven Press (October 27, 2020)

Print length: 190 pages
On tour with: Great Escapes Book Tours




If you could talk to someone (dead), who would it be and what would you ask them?
I'd love to ask Fitzgerald if anyone inspired him to write the character of Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.
If you could live in any time period which would it be?
The Viking era—I've written several Viking historical novels and allegedly I'm related to Eirik the Red. Although I'd really miss antibiotics and medicines.
If you had to do community service (or already do volunteer work), what would you choose?
Around my area in West Virginia, I'd pick up trash on the sides of the mountain roads. I can't understand why people feel the need to throw non-biodegradable things out the windows (or drop mattresses along the road).
If you were on the Amazon bestseller list, who would you choose to be one before and one below you?
OOOH! I have been on the list, and I was so thrilled when one time I was next to Alexander McCall Smith (author of The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency series). I'd also like to be next to Agatha Christie.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where in the world would it be?
I'm very happy right here in America!


5 things you love about where you live: 

  • close families
  • small towns
  • God-fearing people
  • my home

5 things you never want to run out of :
(I've figured these out when we were without power for 10 days after a derecho in 2012): 

  • hot water
  • coffee
  • electricity
  • generosity of family/neighbors 
  • sleep

5 words to describe you:

  • curious
  • independent
  • protective
  • relentless 
  • fierce when necessary

5 things you always put in your books: 

  • strong women
  • forests
  • family relationships
  • courage 
  • justice

5 favorite authors:  

  • Agatha Christie
  • Thomas Hardy
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Theodore Roethke
  • Thackeray



What’s your all-time favorite movie? 

One of my FAVES is the Helena Bonham Carter version of A Room with a View.
What’s your all-time favorite author? 

Agatha Christie, because she's one of the only ones I can reread multiple times and never get bored.
What’s your all-time favorite library? 

My hometown library I grew up going to (and reading all the Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, Phyllis Whitney, and Daphne du Maurier books they had)!
What’s the most beautiful sound you’ve heard?

Handel's Messiah.
What’s your favorite meal?

Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, rolls, and at our house, sauerkraut.
What’s your all-time favorite picture of yourself?
A photo of myself and my younger brother, Jon, way up in a holly tree we climbed (I'm on the left and my long hair is in a ponytail). You can tell from my face that I felt pretty victorious. Let me just say that we LOVED climbing.

What’s your latest recommendation for:

Food: Uh . . . I'll always recommend Jimmy John's subs because I LOVE subs!
Music: Hm. I often listen to songs that remind me of my main characters. One that reminds me of Bo, the brother in my Barks & Beans Cafe mystery series, is "Need You Now" by Lady A. He got dumped my his ex-fiancée. :(
Movie: I honestly haven't been watching many movies lately! I am looking forward to Death on the Nile, Wonder Woman 1984, and Black Widow, though.
Book: I'm currently reading through the excellent Juniper Grove cozy mystery series by Karin Kaufman and the Maple Syrup Mysteries by Emily James. I also loved the concept of Extinction Island by Janice Boekhoff (dinosaurs!!!), and I'm enjoying reading that, as well.
Netflix/Amazon Prime: We enjoy the mystery channels like Acorn TV and have watched through many of the series, like Endeavour and Death in Paradise.

The Barks & Beans Cafe cozy mystery series in order:

Book 1: No Filter

Book 2: Iced Over
3: Fair Trade
Book 4: Spilled Milk



Heather Day Gilbert, an ECPA Christy award finalist and Grace award winner, enjoys writing contemporary mysteries set in her home state of West Virginia. Her novels feature small towns, family relationships, and women who aren't afraid to protect what they love.

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