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As the Summer Solstice approaches in idyllic Edindale, Illinois, attorney Keli Milanni isn't feeling the magic. She's about to land in a cauldron of hot water at work. Good thing she has her private practice to fall back on—as a Wiccan. She'll just have to summon her inner Goddess and set the world to
rights . . .

Midsummer Eve is meant for gratitude and celebration, but Keli is not in her typically upbeat mood. The family of a recently deceased client is blaming her for the loss of a Shakespearean heirloom worth millions, and Keli's career may be on the line. With both a Renaissance Faire and a literary convention in town, Edindale is rife with suspicious characters, and the intrepid attorney decides to tap into her unique skills to crack the case . . .

But Keli weaves a tangled web when her investigation brings her up-close and personal with her suspects--including sexy Wes Callahan, her client's grandson. The tattooed bartender could be the man she's been looking for in more ways than one. As the sun sets on the mystical holiday, Keli will need just a touch of the divine to ferret out the real villain and return Edindale, and her heart, to a state of perfect harmony . . .


How did you get started writing?
I loved making up stories as a kid and acting them out with my siblings and friends. And I read voraciously pretty much as soon as I learned the alphabet. That’s probably why writing came easily for me in school. I majored in English in college and often kept a journal as an adult. Yet, for some reason it didn’t occur to me to pursue writing professionally until after I’d already chosen another career path. Still, I kept feeling a call to write. Finally, a few years ago, I decided to go for it. I wrote Midsummer Night's Mischief with the intention of having it published, one way or another. Ultimately, this led to a three-book publishing deal with Kensington—with hopefully more to follow!

Do you write every day?
I should . . . but, I confess that I don’t. Sometimes I miss a day here and there. But when deadlines loom, then I'm less likely to skip a day!

How often do you read?
Generally every day. I read on my commute to and from my day job, as well as in spare non-writing moments at home. So many books, so little time . . .

Is writing your dream job?
For sure. Becoming a published author is a dream come true!

How do you feel about Facebook?
It’s a love-hate thing. Overall, I think Facebook is a great resource. It's a wonderful, easy way to keep in touch with far-away friends and family. But it’s also crazy-making. I wish there were a built-in time limit on it, like: “This web page will self-destruct in 5-4-3-2 . . . ”

That's an excellent idea. What’s one thing you never leave the house without?
A pen. I can always scrounge up some paper, but a pen is a must. You never know when inspiration will strike!

What do you love about where you live?

I love the diversity in Chicago. Multiculturalism is the norm here, but I still find it cool to ride the train with people from dozens of different nationalities every day. So, of course, there’s a rich variety of languages, foods, and cultural celebrations throughout the city. However, I do like to head downstate now and then to visit family and enjoy a slower pace. There’s much to love about Southern Illinois too (which is where my books take place), including an abundance of natural areas to explore.
Would you rather be a movie star, sports star, or rock star?

Movie star. I think acting would be fun, much like telling a story. Plus, in filming you get do-overs if you mess up!

How do you like your pizza?
Thin and crispy crust, with loads of veggies—especially mushrooms and onions. (Unlike my main character, I’m not vegan, though I am a vegetarian. I admire vegans, but I’m not quite ready to give up cheese!)

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Hmm, I do have quite the sweet tooth. I’d be willing to dance like Elaine on Seinfeld. What’s a little public embarrassment compared to a frozen chocolate-covered treat?

Good point. What are you working on now?

I’m writing book #3 in the Wiccan Wheel Mystery series. The publishing process is so interesting. Before book #1 was even released, book #2 was written and in editing, and book #3 was underway. It’s a lot of work, but it’s still loads of fun!


Mystery writer and environmental lawyer Jennifer David Hesse is the author of the Wiccan Wheel Mysteries, a series of cozy mysteries that take place around the holidays in the Wheel of the Year. Born and raised in Central Illinois, Jennifer earned her undergraduate degree as an English major from Eastern Illinois University and her law degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. After an eight-year stint in New York, she now makes her home in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago with her husband and daughter. When she’s not writing, Jennifer enjoys yoga, hiking, and movie night with her family.

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