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Have you ever asked yourself the question . . . what is the true nature of reality and what is my place in it?

John Forelli went to Peru in search of the answer. Waiting for him in the Sacred Valley was a hut, a psychoactive brew called ayahuasca, and a beautiful woman.

Presented with photographs of Peru from the ancient alleys of Cusco to the dizzying heights of Machu Picchu, Ayahuasca in the Age of Donald Trump is a spiritual quest within a travel memoir.

It is the true story of John’s trip—the journey of a lifetime.

Book Details:

Author: John Forelli

Genre: Narrative non-fiction

Published: March 8, 2019

Print length: 342 pages


Things you need in order to write: Inspiration.
Things that hamper your writing: The lack thereof. 

Things you love about writing: Everything!
Things you hate about writing: I don’t hate anything about writing!

Easiest thing about being a writer: Actually doing the writing. I can write all day long. 

Hardest thing about being a writer: Finding inspiration.

Things you never want to run out of: Coffee.
Things you wish you’d never bought: Gucci shoes. Expensive and unnecessary. 

Words that describe you: Calm. Thoughtful. Observant.
Words that describe you but you wish they didn’t: Human.

Favorite foods: Steak. Chocolate.
Things that make you want to throw up: Anything with vinegar.

Favorite song: "Hotel California."
Music that make your ears bleed: I’ll listen to anything!

Favorite smell: Snow. The ocean. Freshly cut grass. 

Something that makes you hold your nose: Ax body spray.

Something you’re really good at: Writing.

Something you’re really bad at: Doing the same thing day after day for years.

Something you like to do: Listen to music. 

Something you wish you’d never done: I have no regrets in life. Everything I’ve ever done has brought me to this moment, and in this moment I am happy.

People you consider as heroes: Anthony Bourdain. Buddha. Tiesto. 

People with a big L on their foreheads: Donald Trump, which is partially what the book’s about.

Things you’d walk a mile for: A view.
Things that make you want to run screaming from the room: Pointless conversation.

Favorite places you’ve been: Machu Picchu (which I talk about in the book). The Grand Canyon. Lake Tahoe. 

Places you never want to go to again: I can go anywhere and have fun.

People you’d like to invite to dinner: Barack Obama. The Dalai Lama.

People you’d cancel dinner on: Donald Trump.

Things that make you happy: Thinking, listening, and smiling. 

Things that drive you crazy: People who don’t think, listen, or smile.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done: Go to Peru and drink ayahuasca. 

Something you chickened out from doing: Skydiving, though I plan on doing that eventually.


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John is an avid reader and traveler who calls Philadelphia home (go birds). You can follow his travels on Instagram. 

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