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On behalf of USA TODAY bestselling author Gretchen Archer and the entire Henery Press crew, welcome aboard flight Double Up. Fasten your seatbelts for non-stop action as stiff competition blows into town and the resulting turbulence threatens to take down the Bellissimo Resort and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. Super Secret Spy Davis Way Cole, who lives on the twenty-ninth floor of the hotel with her CEO husband and newborn twins, takes it hard. If the casino goes belly up, she won’t be a stay-at-home mom because she won’t have a home. Not to mention her husband won’t have a job.

Davis can’t find a way to stop the inevitable end of the Bellissimo life she loves until her ex-ex-mother-in-law shows up, unexpected and definitely uninvited. Davis makes the best of a bad Bea Crawford situation and recruits her for a little corporate espionage work, which would’ve been great, had Bea not turned out to be the world’s worst spy. Ever.

Seatbacks and tray tables in their upright positions as we prepare for a bumpy ride with babies, bankruptcies, besties, and shrimp. (Shrimp?) Enjoy your flight.


Gretchen, how did you get started writing?

My oldest left for college the same week my youngest started kindergarten. For the first time in eighteen years I had a little extra time on my hands. Taking advantage of it, I began writing.

What's your favorite thing about the writing process?
“The End.”

I hear you! Do you have a writing routine?
I write for several hours in the morning. I hit my desk at four. O’clock. In the morning. It’s quiet—the phone isn’t ringing, there’s nothing online to distract me, and that’s when I do my best work.

Do you write every day?
Four months of the year, I’m writing a draft, and yes, every day. The next two months are back-and-forth editing. I spend a month plotting the next book, and the rest of the time I’m writing grocery lists.

What do you think is hardest aspect of writing a book?
Finding the balance between character growth and driving the plot.

What’s more important – characters or plot? 

What books do you currently have published?
Six full-length books in the Davis Way Crime Caper series: Double Whammy, Double Dip, Double Strike, Double Mint, Double Knot, and the just-released Double Up. And one short story, "Double Jinx." Whew!

What do you know now that you wish you knew then?
If I’d known being a published writer meant I’d be running a business—I’m the writer, head of marketing, and head of sales—I’d have learned more about running a business.

True dat! What’s the oldest thing you own and still use?
An acrylic cutting board shaped like the state of Texas. I’ve had it since high school. I need to throw it out.

Wow! I have a wooden one in the shape of Kentucky! Do you have any secret talents?
No, but I have a secret tattoo.

Oooooh . . . Is writing your dream job?
My dream job has always been to own a mystery book store. I’d carry first editions and collectibles and host mystery book clubs.

What is the worst job you’ve ever had?
I was an animal. When I was a teenager, I wore an animal costume through an amusement park greeting guests for an entire summer. I learned not all kids are sweet.

Do you have any marketing tips you could pass on to indie authors?
Find your brand, or, better put, your message. Stick to it, stay on it, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll build an audience. If you write cruise ship mysteries, keep your readers and fans entertained with cruise ship news, deals, and videos of fabulous balcony rooms. If a cat plays a major role in your series, ask readers to send pictures of their cats. Stay busy engaging readers between books.

How often do you tweet?
When a Twitter notification email hits my inbox. (*hides*)

How do you feel about Facebook?
I wish I owned stock in it.

What scares you the most?

Would you make a good character in a book?

I think I do too much laundry to be a good character in a book. I can see the reviews now. “Two stars. This character can get stains out all day long, but I don’t care.”

What five things would you never want to live without?
A good coffee pot. A screened-in porch. Bobbi Brown mascara. My wedding ring. UGG boots.

What’s one thing you never leave the house without (besides your phone)?
It’s not my car keys, because I’m forever going back in to track them down.

What do you love about where you live?
I live at the top of Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. I absolutely love where I live. If you’ve ever driven through the south, you’ve seen billboards: See Rock City and See Ruby Falls. That’s where I live. We’re a community of 2,000 with our own police and fire department, our own post office, and everyone knows everyone. Our pharmacy and dry cleaner deliver to our front doors, our little market cooks full meals every day, and I feel like I live in Mayberry. With Aunt Bea.

Sounds like Goose Pimple Junction! What drives you crazy?

What do you wish you could do?
Have my grandparents back.

Ditto again. 
Who are your favorite fictional characters? 
Ronald Weasley, Jo March, Archy McNally, Sidallee Walker, Eloise, Mrs. deWinter, and every Carl Hiaasen protagonist.


Gretchen Archer is a Tennessee housewife who began writing when her daughters, seeking higher educations, left her. She lives on Lookout Mountain with her husband, son, and a Yorkie named Bently. Double Up is the sixth book in the Davis Way Crime Caper series.

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