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If you want to spark new ideas for worlds, plots or characters, you want Ideas and Inspiration for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers. Medicinal corpses, the jargons of thieves and carnies, Nazi UFOs, the colonization of space and green children from nowhere are only a few of the topics covered. This sourcebook is for all writers of fantasy or science fiction—whether novels, short stories, games, or any other form of storytelling.


James, what do you think is more important — characters or plot?

Plot. The current "common sense" seems to be that you should develop characters, and then let the plot flow from what those characters would do. However I think most successful stories develop a plot, then develop characters for which that plot would make sense. I think perhaps the emphasis on character comes partly from seeing stories where the characters do things that don't make sense because the plot is supposed to go in a particular way (for example TV series where the situation has to end up basically as it began after every story). Having said that, it's sometimes more interesting as a writer to have the plot go in an unexpected direction because of the characters. So perhaps I think that you should develop a plot, then make characters that fit that plot, and then change the plot so that it makes sense for the characters.

Do you read a lot?
Almost constantly. At the moment the majority of my reading is research. However it's more interesting than most research.

What books do you currently have published?
I have four ebooks other than Ideas and Inspiration...: They Say the Sirens Left the Seas and The New Death and Others are collections, Telelee is a verse novel, and Two-Fisted Tweets is a collection of "stories," each of which is the size of a tweet (under 140 characters).

What’s the oldest thing you own and still use?My genitals.

If you could only watch one television station for a year, what would it be?

Ha! Good one. What scares you the most?
Death in general, and being buried alive in particular.

What is your superpower?
If I were a superhero, I'd be Hanker-Chief, who fights people that sniff in public.

What’s your favorite Internet site? A couple of the articles in Ideas and Inspiration . . . started because of things I read there.

What’s your favorite song?
At the moment it's "Black Flag Flying" by David Rovics.

What are you working on now?
I'm working on a second volume of Ideas and Inspiration.


James Hutchings lives in Melbourne, Australia. He fights crime as Poetic Justice, but his day job is acting. You might know him by his stage-name "Brad Pitt." His work has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and Wisdom Crieth Without among other markets.

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