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Peace and quiet is underrated.

After her last brush with murder, Larklyn Davis is relieved to be spending her time with the talented new horse at her stables instead of tripping over body parts. While she’s trying to figure out why her newest horse has lost his mojo, she’s also puzzling over her relationship with the brooding, uncommunicative Detective Brecken Wilson.

But then, disaster strikes, and both Lark’s reputation and business are on the line. Once again she finds herself pulled into a murder case and in close proximity to the handsome detective. Throw in a dashing veterinarian plus a matchmaking town, and Lark’s life spins out of control. As clues pile up and all evidence leads back to her barn, Lark gets saddled up to solve another mystery.

Who knew life in Barrow Bay would stir up so much trouble?

Book Details:

Title: Stir Up

Author’s name: Annabelle Hunter

Genre: Cozy mystery

Series: Lark Davis Mysteries, book 2

Publisher: Independent (July 1st, 2019)

Print length: 258 pages

On tour with: Great Escapes Book Tours



A few of your favorite things: read, ride, write. Oh, and eat.
Things you need to throw out: all the shoes that I love, but are too worn out to wear anymore. 

Things you need in order to write: no one asking me to do something for them.
Things that hamper your writing: children, but they are a really cute hamper, so I don’t mind.

Things you love about writing: creating stories.
Things you hate about writing: the characters not listening to my direction and making me go rewrite the outline. Again.

Hardest thing about being a writer: editing.
Easiest thing about being a writer: talking about books for hours and dissecting other people’s writing so I can learn to be better. 

Things you love about where you live: constant sunny weather.
Things that make you want to move: constant sunny weather (picture vampire here).

Things you never want to run out of: coffee.
Things you wish you’d never bought: coffee

Words that describe you: awkward.
Words that describe you but you wish they didn’t: awkward. I’m starting to worry about my answers to these questions.

Favorite foods: crepes, BBQ pork buns, BBQ, chocolate, creme brulee, bread pudding, ice cream, pho, hummus, kabobs, baba ganoush, sushi… you get the picture. I like food.
Things that make you want to throw up: broccoli. It’s evil.

Favorite smell: orange blossoms.

Something that makes you hold your nose: skunk.

Something you’re really good at: reading.

Something you’re really bad at: riding horses, not that it stops me.

Something you wish you could do: get my tense right when I write. Oh! Or spell.
Something you wish you’d never learned to do: make brownies. It’s evil. And so good.

Something you like to do: sleep in.

Something you wish you’d never done: frequently that answer is ‘open my mouth and comment on something’ but I’m out of examples right now. But very rarely am I witty in person and that tends to be on the top of my regrets list.

Last best thing you ate: dumplings. 

Last thing you regret eating: dumplings … I’m still too full.

Things you’d walk a mile for: food. Friends. The band Queen . . .
Things that make you want to run screaming from the room: horror movies.

Things you always put in your books: romance. I can’t help myself. 

Things you never put in your books: horror.

Things to say to an author: I love your work. 

Things to say to an author if you want to be fictionally killed off in their next book: ‘You know, your work would be better if…’ Although, I would change your name. And probably write down the comment for further rumination.

Favorite places you’ve been: England.

Places you never want to go to again: downtown LA. I hate the parking. And the drive. Did I mention the parking? Oh, and I should mention the parking.

Favorite things to do: Writing.
Things you’d run through a fire wearing gasoline pants to get out of doing: Editing. FYI - it doesn’t work. My brain makes me go back and finish it anyways.

Things that make you happy: My friends and family
Things that drive you crazy: See above. I’m seeing a trend.

Most embarrassing moment: Too many to mention. I’m an all-star on being mortified of the things that come out of my mouth. 

Proudest moment: My first review. Five stars. I cried for like a half hour I was so happy.

Best thing you’ve ever done: Made sure I listened to other people and really heard what they’re saying.

Biggest mistake: Taking their opinions as fact or getting angry instead of listening and trying to find out why they thought that.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done: published a book. 

Something you chickened out from doing: Horse shows. I’m such a wuss. I told you I was never ready. 


Annabelle Hunter is a stay-at-home mother who writes in whatever time her children give her. She is the author of Leg Up and Number’s Up. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two children, and various pets. 

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