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Author Interview with Diana Nixon

">The story begins with a strange dream, which has been torturing Eileen for nights. Trying to find out its hidden meaning she leans on her best friend Amanda for help. The two of them go to a fortune-teller, who predicts changes in Eileen’s life.
Eileen and Amanda, whose family is one of the seven founders of the university, Dever, go there to start a new life and get an education. Coming to the university, Eileen meets Christian, Amanda’s brother, whom she falls in love with from the very first sight. But, as it turns out later, Christian is in love with her too.
They couldn’t even imagine that many years ago their lives were bound by magical spells. But now they have to find out why…

Hi Diana, you have one published book and another about to be published. How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing for a year and a month:) Yes, I do remember the exact day when I started writing my first book. It was July 1, and my debut fantasy novel, named Love lines was ready in 30 days. It was originally written in Russian, but some time later it was translated into English and published in the US on March 29. Almost five months have passed since that day, and now I’m working on my second book, named Songs of the wind, which is the second book of the Love lines series. I’m planning to publish it this fall.

Thirty days? WOW. That's incredible! What do you like best about writing?
The most pleasurable thing about writing is the opportunity to take a dive into the midst of events of another world that is completely different from our everyday life. And my favorite genre—fantasy--is the best choice to create magical illusions that don’t exist in reality. I enjoy writing, creating imaginary characters and events that would make my readers smile, or cry, or even start writing too.

What’s your least favorite thing?
The only thing I don’t like about my work is proofreading, of course. It takes so much time, that when the book is finally ready it feels like you know the text by heart.

I agree totally. How did you create the plot for this book?
First of all, I wanted to create a magical world that would be different from most of the stories of the same kind. That’s why, besides from magic itself, my characters possess other supernatural talents such as seeing futures, reading auras, dream interpreting, healing people, and possessing the powers of nature elements. Secondly, my book was supposed to show how beautiful and sincere true love can be, how strong friendship can be, how supportive and understanding friends can be, and how important family ties are. The plot of my story is built on emotional background. So I hope that every reader would be able to feel everything I tried to show with every word of the book.

What a beautiful premise. Your book sounds very inspirational. Your cover art is beautiful too. Did you have any say in it?
The original cover of Love Lines, the black & white version, was my creation. I’m very proud of myself for drawing it. It mirrors the main idea of the plot, and I hope it also attracts the readers’ attention. The cover of the gift edition was created by Jennifer Avey, a very talented designer. It’s colorful and beautiful, and magical. In other words – it has everything that I would love to see on Love Lines cover.

You should be proud of your cover. I’m impressed you did the black and white version yourself. Okay, let's talk names. I’m constantly on the lookout for new ones. How do you name your characters?
When I was thinking about the main characters’ names I read different books, interpreting the meaning of every name. So I chose those that I thought were best and had something special in themselves that I would use later in the plot.
What would your main character say about you?
That she really hates me for making her go through so many trials:) I can almost hear her saying: “Why on earth wouldn’t she make everything so much easier?!”
I think our main characters have something in common! Tell us about your favorite scene in the book.
My favorite scene is the moment when Eileen and Christian see their tattoos for the first time. In my imagination it looks fantastic with the lacy lines shining on their backs and their first kiss. Though I like all the scenes of my book, of course:)

What song would you pick to go with your book?
That would definitely be Richard Marx’s “Right here waiting.” 

Readers make good authors. What book are you currently reading and in what format (e-book/paperback/hardcover)?
I just finished “Pushing The Limits,” by Katie McGarry, and I enjoyed every page of it. It was an e-book.

Reviews come with the territory. How do you handle criticism of your work?
People are free to say whatever they think should be said about my books. I can’t make them all like my works, it’s simply impossible. Everyone has his own opinion, and I appreciate honest reviews.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I have a little daughter, and most of my free time I spend with her, my beloved husband and our cat:) They all suffer from sharing me so often with my heroes, so every time they see me not staring at my notebook, they do all their best to get my attention.

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would choose Brazil and Australia. I want to see the annual February carnival and kangaroos:) 

Cool. I’m available in February if you need a travel buddy! Seriously, thank you for being here and answering my questions. I hope you’ll come back when your second book in the series is published. Thanks, Diana!

Author bio:
Diana Nixon was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she still lives and works on her series. Before becoming a writer, she received a Master of Law degree from Belorussian state University. She has always liked reading fantasy novels, so when she came up with the idea of writing a book, she already knew what genre to choose. At the moment Diana is working on her Love Lines series.

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