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Does God really care about your weight? He cares a lot, but not in the way you might think.

Galatians 5:11 says, "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free."

Actually, God is not concerned with how much you weigh. Author, Shellie Bowdoin discovered that even when her thoughts and attention were consumed by her outer appearance, God was primarily interested in the condition of her heart. She found that God was most concerned when the "weight" of her weight robbed her from living out the joy and freedom that Jesus secured for her, once and for all, on the cross.

The Find Your Weigh: Walk In Freedom Bible Study Guide is a companion guide for the book, Find Your Weigh by Shellie Bowdoin. This 9-Session Bible Study is designed to reveal many of the common misconceptions we have about food and to show you how to implement God's word and His promises to yield lasting change.

Free video content is available for use with each of the nine Bible study sessions.

This study helps you integrate the spiritual and physical aspects of weight loss by offering biblical weight-loss strategies to renew your mind and transform your thinking about food. God can speak strength into your weakness and temptation with food.

You will learn that God's Word does speak directly to your need; that you can approach food with confidence and that God really does care about your weight... Why? Because you care about it! And, He wants to speak into your life in an authentic, personal way.

Suggestion: The study guide discusses principles and practices from Find Your Weigh and study participants are asked to refer to book pages in each session. For this reason, the study guide is best used with a print version of the book for the best user experience.

Book Details:  

Title: Find Your Weigh

Author’s name: Shellie Bowdoin

Genre: health & fitness, Christian, non-fiction 

Published: Source Publishing, January 6, 2020

Page count: 239 pages


Something you’re really good at: I am really good at grabbing the bull by the horns and trying something myself, if I want it badly enough. And, that’s what I’ve done with a lot of elements of this book.

Something you’re really bad at: I really don’t like asking someone else to do things for me. This whole book-writing thing has been a real growth experience for me, because there are just things you’ve got to ask others to help you with. 

Something you wish you could do: I really wish I could actually understand all the code that it takes to make a website run. When things go wrong, I can just feel the wash of anxiety because I know I am out of my league to fix it if there’s not a button marked, “Fix Here.”
Something you wish you’d never learned to do: Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t an editor . . . that I was ignorant of active and passive voice and the correct uses of the there, they’re, and their. It could really free me up from the inner editor voice.

People you consider as heroes: I have immense admiration for people who own up to their mistakes, their difficult upbringings or unfair circumstance and just chose to do better.

People with a big L on their foreheads: I lack patience for people who wholeheartedly believe something just because someone else told them to. I am not a big fan of the celebrity culture and the growing penchant for opinions. It’s not enough for someone to say something; instead, you’ve got “experts” telling people what to believe about what the person just said and what he/she really meant by what they said . . . ???

Things you always put in your books: I always try to leave the reader with a sense of hopefulness. Today’s choices fashion tomorrow’s reality, so I encourage my readers to make them great ones.
Things you never put in your books: I never want to come off like I have all the answers they will ever need. Only God holds the answers to every question.

Favorite places you’ve been: I have lived most of the last two and half decades in Asia, so I have seen some pretty fabulous things. You can’t beat the sunset in Boracay, Philippines and authentic Thai food is out of this world!
Places you never want to go to again: I would love it if I never had to step foot into another jet for a 13+ hour pan-Pacific flight! But, I know this is the stuff of dreams, so I just wear comfy clothing and hope for an empty seat beside me.


Shellie Bowdoin is a writer and speaker with a graduate degree in ministry/counseling. She also writes at her website: The FABulous Journey; encouraging women to make good choices and live fulfilling, God-inspired lives. She’s a southern gal through and through, but she’s lived and served as a missionary for over half of her life in Asia; picking up two additional languages along the way. Shellie, and her husband Sam, have two grown kids, Jay and Mary Kate.

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