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Introducing Jolie Tucker, an introverted yet passionate restaurant co-owner of Cast Iron Creations, who, at her best friend Ava’s request, steps out of her comfort zone which leads her into the shade of a killer in the small, cozy village of Leavensport, Ohio. The victim is the villages beloved Ellie Siler who runs the village sweet spot, Chocolate Capers. Jolie finds her grandma Opal is a prime suspect and goes on a search for answers only to find out that her families secret recipes may not belong to the Tucker family at all. Jolie’s job, family, and livelihood are all on the line. The answers are assuredly lethal.

Book Details:

Title: Pineapple Upside Down MurderAuthor: Jodi Rath

Genre: Culinary Cozy 

Series: The Cast Iron Skillet Mystery Series, book 1

Published: November 23, 2018


Welcome to Leavensport, Ohio where Death takes a Delicious turn!

I always say, “How is it my family can so easily push my buttons? Oh, yeah, it’s because they installed them!” Even though my family and my best friend, Ava, can drive me a bit batty at times, I love them dearly. I may be able to criticize them from time to time, but if anyone else dares to say the slightest negative thing . . . WATCH OUT! I’m Jolie Tucker, and take a look below at exactly what I’m talking about:

One year into co-owning my dream restaurant, Cast Iron Creations, with my best friend Ava, finds me smack in the face of a murder investigation. Trust me; the last thing I want to do is be investigating. I’m shy and introverted and feel most comfortable in the kitchen in the back of our eatery. Ava, on the other hand, is bold in appearance and personality and runs the front of the shop. When we find Leavensport’s beloved Ellie Siler, who is also my grandma’s best friend, dead in the alley in the back of our eatery we have no choice to be involved. Then, my grandma becomes a prime suspect as the police think she killed Ellie because our family’s secret recipes were never ours to begin with. My family, reputation, and business are all at stake.


Moving into her second decade working in education, Jodi Rath has decided to begin a life of crime in her The Cast Iron Skillet Mystery Series. Her passion for both mysteries and education led her to combine the two to create her business MYS ED, where she splits her time between working as an adjunct for Ohio teachers and creating mischief in her fictional writing. She currently resides in a small, cozy village in Ohio with her husband and her eight cats. Sign up for the newsletter.

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