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Have you ever felt like one of the least of these?

What do you know of the woman at the well? What led her to the well that day - the exact day Jesus would be there? What of the lepers, the blind man, the woman who dried Jesus' feet with her hair? What of the Centurion who said at the cross, "Surely this was the Son of God”?

Stories of Jesus. You have heard them since you were young. But what about the parts that you’ve never heard?

The stories that need to be told? The stories you need to hear?

Book Details 

Title: I Walked With Jesus: New Testament Stories of Faith and Healing From the Least of These

Author: Kathryn Elizabeth Jones

Genre: historical fiction

Series: book 1

Publisher: Idea Creations Press (August 30, 2021)

Print length: 177 pages


Things you need in order to write: a desk, a Sharpie, a computer, a filing rack, space.

Things that hamper your writing: a messy desk, too many papers that need filing, noise.

Things you love about where you live: the people, recently remodeled areas of my home, easy access to the store, movie theatres, restaurants.

Things that make you want to move: junky yards, low upkeep, crime.

Things you never want to run out of: tape, staples, books, toilet paper.

Things you wish you’d never bought: last minute impulse buys, stuff for the kitchen I never use like gadgets that do only one thing, except for the apple corer which I love.

Words that describe you: adventurous, dependable, likeable, happy.

Words that describe you but you wish they didn’t: unforgiving, the opposite of spontaneous.

Favorite foods: dark chocolate, shrimp.

Things that make you want to throw up: liver, sushi.

Favorite smell: lavender.

Something that makes you hold your nose: ivory soap. It reminds me of being pregnant. Don’t ask. It just does.

Something you’re really good at: decorating.

Something you’re really bad at: sports, any sports.

Something you wish you could do: fly fish.

Something you wish you’d never learned to do: weed.

Something you like to do: travel.

Something you wish you’d never done: gotten into debt.

Things you’d walk a mile for: another look at Bryce Canyon, see the sun rise or set on a mountain or on the ocean.

Things that make you want to run screaming from the room: anger, politics.

Things you always put in your books: happiness.

Things you never put in your books: horror.

Favorite things to do: walks, reading, writing.

Things you’d run through a fire wearing gasoline pants to get out of doing: cleaning out the fridge or oven.

Things that make you happy: silence, the mountains, the ocean.

Things that drive you crazy: noise, arguments, disagreements.

Proudest moment: bachelor’s degree at 45.

Most embarrassing moment: bachelor’s degree at 45; I was crying buckets!

Biggest lie you’ve ever told: I am 29 years old and holding.

A lie you wish you’d told: I am 29 years old and never age.

Best thing you’ve ever done: have children.

Biggest mistake: forgetting to listen to them.


Kathryn is a lover of words and a bearer of mood swings. When she is feeling the need to inspire, she writes a Christian fiction book. If a mystery is waiting to be uncovered, she finds it. If something otherworldly is finding its way through her fingertips, she travels to it.

Kathryn has been a reader since she was a young child. Although she took classes in writing as a teen, it wasn't something she really thought would become her career until she was married. And even then, it took a few more years for something worthy enough to publish to manifest itself.

Kathryn's first book was published in 2002. Since then, many other books have found their way out of her head depending on the sort of day she is having. Kathryn is a journalist, a teacher, a mentor, an editor, a publisher, and a marketer.

Her greatest joy, other than writing her next book, is meeting with readers and authors who enjoy the craft of writing as much as she does.

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