Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Margaret Millmore

Today I'm welcoming Margaret Millmore to A Blue Million Books. Margaret is the author of a new series, The Four. The first book in the series, The Beginning, was released in August. First, a little about the book:
The Beginning,
Book I

Clare had an ideal life. She lived in the perfect little town, had a great family and four of the best friends in the world. She also had nightmares, nightmares that plagued her for almost a decade. But these are not ordinary nightmares; they are premonitions, warnings of what is to come and what she will become.

She discovers that she isn’t alone in these vile dreams; her friends are having them too. They are dreaming of their ancestors and their own future... The discovery of their destiny and the future they must embrace is shocking and terrifying.


Hello, Margaret! Thanks for being here. Can you describe your book in a tweet? (140 characters or less.)  
“You will not be monsters…” The Beginning - Book I –The Four series $3.99 #suspense #vampires #werewolves

Terrific. How did you create the plot for this book?

I was up at my weekend home in the Sierra Foothills with my husband and a few friends. It was a lazy afternoon and we were playing some sort of board-game. That doesn’t seem like a plot for a book, but the atmosphere and enjoyment of the afternoon started something in my head that grew into a book about friends and friendship and continued into the story for The Four series.

When you start a new book, do you know what the entire cast will be?

I do not. Generally I have a main character or sometimes 2 or 3 characters in mind. I develop them in my head before I start writing anything, and when they’ve grown into something I can work with, the book begins and everything grows from there.

Who are your favorite authors?

Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz, and just about any author that entertains me with his/her work.

Which author would you most like to invite to dinner, and what would you fix him?

Ray Bradbury (rest his soul) – Chicken cordon blue, a nice salad, some San Francisco sourdough bread and a light sauvignon blanc – but I would ask my husband to make it, he’s an excellent cook and I’m great at boxed mac’n cheese…

I envy women with husbands who cook! Okay, the dreadful C word. How do you handle criticism of your work?

Everyone is a critic… some criticism is well founded, and I appreciate those comments the most because I learn from them and it makes me better at what I do. However, some critics are just jerks. I ignore them, people like that will always be around, and they are not worth my mental or emotional effort.

I hear you! Do you have a routine for writing? Do you work better at night, in the afternoon, or in the morning?

Early morning is my favorite, the world is mostly still asleep, and I can concentrate on what the voices in my head are saying without interruption. However I’ve been known to write all day long without stopping, I truly love those days the most.

I totally agree. I’m a collector of quotes. What’s one of your favorites?

My stories run up and bite me on the leg - I respond by writing down everything that goes on during the bite. When I finish, the idea lets go and runs off. Ray Bradbury   

I love it! I’m adding it to my quotes page. Where’s home for you?

San Francisco, California

Lucky you! I love San Francisco. Thank you for chatting with us today, Margaret. Best of luck with The Beginning. Stop back by when Book 2 is released.

About Margaret A. Millmore...

I was born and raised in Southern California and moved to San Francisco in 1991. I currently reside there with my husband. I am the grandniece of Irish author Benedict Kiely and the second cousin of Irish author Sharon Owens. My first novel, Doppelganger Experiment was published via World Castle Publishing in September 2011 (revised/re-edited February 2012). My second novel, The Beginning – Book I (The Four series) via World Castle Publishing released August 2012 and is part one in a four part series (release dates for books II through IV are expected in October 2012 through January 2013).

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