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New mystery from Amazon, ECPA, and New York Times best-selling author!

Ditched at the altar, Shelby Hart tosses down her bouquet, quits her job, and accepts a position as gardener and event coordinator at an upscale retirement community. Her first day on the job results with a dead body in the greenhouse under the orchids and with her as the prime suspect!

Toss in a handsome handyman, quirky characters, and a flirtatious grandma and the fun never stops.


Things you need in order to write:
I need quiet, a diet coke, and dark chocolate M&Ms. 😊
Things that hamper your writing:
Interruptions. Nothing worse than being pulled out of your story.

Things you love about writing:

Making up stories that people actually want to read.
Things you hate about writing:
Deadlines. Ugh. They’re the worst.

Things you love about where you live:
Right now I move back and forth between Arizona where I’ve lived the last 35 years and children and grandchildren live and Arkansas where I grew up. I do love the greenery of the Ozarks.
Things that make you want to move:
I’d like to pack up my entire family and move them all permanently to Arkansas.

Words that describe you:
Kind, persistent, A-personality, a list-maker, a go-getter.
Words that describe you but you wish they didn’t:

Favorite song:

My favorite song is “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me.
Music that make your ears bleed:
Screamo. I don’t consider it music.

Favorite beverage:
Celtic Breeze (it’s an Irish vodka drink).

Something that gives you a pickle face:
Seltzer water with quinine (don’t ask).

Something you wish you could do:
Play a musical instrument and sing.
Something you wish you’d never learned to do:
Keep my face expressionless when something goes on and on and on.

Things you’d walk a mile for:
My family.
Things that make you want to run screaming from the room:
My family. 😊

Things you always put in your books:

Things you never put in your books:
Too-Stupid-to-Live heroines.

Things to say to an author:
I LOVED your book
Things to say to an author if you want to be fictionally killed off in their next book:
I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I need to make a living (uh, so write the book).

Most daring thing you’ve ever done:
Something you chickened out from doing:
Parasailing again.


Multi-published and Amazon and ECPA Best-Selling author Cynthia Hickey has sold over a million copies of her works since 2013. She has taught a Continuing Education class at the 2015 American Christian Fiction Writers conference, several small ACFW chapters and RWA chapters. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and she is a contributor to Cozy Mystery Magazine blog and Suspense Sisters blog. She and her husband run the small press, Forget Me Not Romances, which includes some of the CBA’s best well-known authors. She lives in Arizona with her husband, one of their seven children, two dogs, one cat, and three box turtles. She has eight grandchildren who keep her busy and tell everyone they know that “Nana is a writer.”

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