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High summer in River Bluffs, Indiana, is always sweltering and sweet. But the heat is really on when a decidedly dead body turns up in the neighborhood.

When established house flippers Jazzi Zanders and her cousin Jerod donate a week’s worth of remodeling work to Jazzi’s sister Olivia, they’re expecting nothing more than back-breaking roofing work and cold beers at the end of each long, hot day. With Jazzi’s live-in boyfriend and partner Ansel on the team, it promises to be a quick break before starting their next big project—until Leo, an elderly neighbor of Olivia’s, unexpectedly goes missing . . .

When the friendly senior’s dog tugs Jazzi and the guys toward the wetlands beyond Olivia’s neighborhood, they stumble across a decomposing corpse—and a lot of questions. With Jazzi’s pal Detective Gaff along to investigate, Jazzi finds her hands full of a whole new mystery instead of the usual hammer and nails. And this time it will take some sophisticated sleuthing to track down the culprit of the deadly crime—before the killer turns on her next . . .

Book Details:

Title: The Body in the Wetlands

Author: Judi Lynn

Genre: Cozy mystery

Series: the Jazzi Zanders mysteries, book 2

Publisher: Lyrical Underground
 (April 23, 2019

Print length: 268 pages

On tour with: Great Escapes Book Tours



IF you could talk to anyone, who would it be and what would you ask them?
I’ve watched way too many movies about Elizabeth I. Looking back, I’d love to know her take on her lifetime, and why she made the choices she made, and if she wished she’d done anything differently.

IF you had to do community service (or already do volunteer work), what would you choose?
I don’t do volunteer work anymore, but I really enjoyed volunteering in my daughters’ schools when they were young. I taught elementary school before I had them, and when Holly, my older daughter, started first grade, the principal of her school said that if I’d teach a half-day reading (for free) with the poor teacher who was given a reading readiness/first grade split class, my second daughter Robyn could join the class every morning and go to school half days. Robyn loved the idea, said she was starting school like her sister, so I agreed. The teacher and I made a great team, and the kids did well.  Robyn didn’t understand, though, why she got As on all of her papers and didn’t get to first grade the following year like the rest of her friends. She was only three. I tried to explain she wasn’t old enough to start school yet, but it took the principal telling her, “Hey, it’s a legal thing. You’re only three years old.” So the next year, Robyn started pre-school, even though she could read like a whiz! After that, I volunteered in the school’s computer room and spent one afternoon a week reading to first grade classes. I loved it all until my husband’s mom had to find a good nursing home, and then I didn’t have time for those programs anymore.

IF you were on the Amazon bestseller list, who would you choose to be one before and one below you?
I made the Amazon best-seller list for my cozy mystery, The Body in the Attic. And it was wonderful! But it would have been even better if my writer-friend Julia Donner was before me for her Regency romances and my friend, Mae Clair, was behind me for her brilliant Hode’s Hill series. I love both of their writing!

IF you could meet any author for coffee, who would you like to meet and what would you talk about?
Easy! I’m a huge Ilona Andrews’ fan—I’ve read every Kate Daniels book and Hidden Legacy novel.  And if it’s like getting together with any other of my author friends, we’d talk writing!

IF you could choose a fictional town to live in what would it be and from what book?
I’m not brave enough to aspire to being a hero or clever enough for intrigue, so I’d go for Shangri-La in James Hilton’s book, Lost Horizons.  It sounded a lot like heaven on earth.


5 favorite possessions:   
•    I have an old leather satchel that I carry to every meeting of my writers’ club. I’m our unofficial moderator who sets up every meeting and the three readers who volunteer for each one, plus a list of all of our members and their e-mails. When I think writers’ club, I think of my satchel.
•    A pin my dear friend, Wayne Rothgeb, gave me from when he was a pilot in World War II.  I mentored him when he wrote a book about his experiences, New Guinea Skies, and he gave me the wings as a thank-you.
•    A teapot my husband gave me that’s shaped like a writing desk with an old-fashioned typewriter on top since I’m such a fan of Agatha Christie.  The piece of paper in the typewriter has a page from one of her manuscripts painted on it, and the papers wadded up in the wastebasket come from the same book.  I love it.
•    Chanel #5—another gift from my husband.  I always feel feminine when I wear it.
•    And a loose-leaf notebook full of poems in my mother’s handwriting that she copied from her favorite poetry books.
mentored him when he wrote a book about his experiences,  and he gave me the wings as a thank-you. 

5 things you need in order to write: 

•    The plot points I did for my book—1 plot point for each chapter.
•    The character wheels I drew and filled in for any important characters in the book.
•    My Roget’s Thesaurus
•    Diet juice or coffee
•    And My computer.  (I do better on a desktop than a laptop).

5 things you love about where you live:  
•    The Midwest is GREEN. Lots of places are warm and wonderful, but the green of Indiana always makes me happy.
•    Fort Wayne is big enough to have a lot of things to offer, but not so big that the traffic snarls make me crazy.
•    Pork tenderloins. I know. I read the men’s sports magazine that said too many Hoosiers are obese.  But my daughter lives in Florida and called for a recipe to make pork tenderloins because you can’t find them where she lives. Neither can John’s brother in Oakland. And they’re wonderful.
•    People are pretty friendly here.
•    And We live in northeast Indiana, and there are a lot of lakes nearby. 

5 favorite foods:
•    Scallops. Love ‘em!
•    Sausage rolls.
•    Balsamic chicken breasts
•    Butternut squash ravioli in a brown butter-sage sauce
•    And Macarons (the French kind)

5 favorite books:  
•    Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
•    The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Agatha Christie
•    E Pluribus Unicorn, Theodore Sturgeon
•    The Old Fox Deceiv’d, Martha Grimes
•    A Great Deliverance, Elizabeth George
•    And sneaking in another one: Midnight Bayou, Nora Roberts


What’s your all-time favorite place? 
I love Fort Wayne’s Children Zoo, but my parents used to drive us to the Toledo Zoo in Ohio when we were kids as a special summer trip, and I still love to visit it.

What’s your all-time favorite author? 
I think I’ve read every Agatha Christie mystery, even a few of her paranormal type short stories.

What’s your all-time favorite city? 
I love LIVING in Fort Wayne, but I love VISITING Washington, D.C. Chicago has to be a close second.

What’s your all-time favorite library? 
I have to say our local Waynedale library. Not because it’s the BEST in the city, but because the people there were so wonderful to our grandsons and encouraged them to visit the library every Saturday. And for myself, I’m wonderfully proud of the Little Turtle Library in Fort Wayne for hosting our writers’ club every second and fourth Wednesday.

What’s your favorite dessert? 
Chocolate pavlova with strawberries and whipped cream.

What’s your favorite social media site? Would you rather tweet or post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest . . .?  
I have a thing for Twitter. I like to visit it 3 times a day. You can find me at @judypost.

What’s your latest recommendation for:
Food: Stromboli.
Music: Keith Urban’s CD Ripcord
Movie: The 13th Warrior
Book: The Anatomist’s Wife, Anna Lee Huber
Audiobook: never listen to them
TV:  The Kitchen on the foodnetwork (I love to cook!)
Netflix/Amazon Prime: Stranger Things

What other books do you currently have published?
I started out self-publishing (through my literary agency) urban fantasy. I have 9 novels and 7 novella bundles, plus one longer novella—all listed under Judith Post on Amazon:

When I started writing for Lyrical Underground, I wrote 6 Mill Pond romances as Judi Lynn:
Cooking Up Trouble
Opposites Distract 
Love on Tap  
Spicing Things Up 
First Kiss, On the House

Special Delivery

I’ve just started writing cozy Jazzi Zanders mysteries as Judi Lynn. My first one was The Body in the Attic.


USA Today Best-selling author for The Body in the Attic. 
When Judi started self-publishing, she wrote urban fantasy as Judith Post. Then her wonderful agent, Lauren Abramo, suggested she try to find a publisher by writing romance, and she was right. Judi sold her Mill Pond romances to Kensington's Lyrical Press. After six romances, her equally wonderful editor, John Scognamiglio, asked if she'd like to try to write a mystery. Ironic, because she started writing--forever ago--by writing mystery short stories and selling them. She decided to write about a fixer-upper because her husband and she bought a 1920s small bungalow when they got married, and it needed lots of work. They're still working on it. And cooking crept into the stories because she LOVES to cook and have friends over to eat supper. A lot of her passions have ended up in her books:)

Connect with Judi:
Webpage  |  Blog  |  Goodreads  |  BookBub

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1994: Texas Ranger Jim Strong investigates a mass murder on a dusty freight train linked to a mysterious, missing cargo for which no record exists.

The Present: His daughter, fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong, finds herself on the trail of that same cargo when skeletal remains are found near an excavation site in the Texas desert. She’s also dealing with the aftermath of a massacre that claimed the lives of all the workers at a private intelligence company on her watch.

These two cases are connected by a long-buried secret, one that men have killed and died to protect. Caitlin and her outlaw lover Cort Wesley Masters must prove themselves to be as strong as steel to overcome a bloody tide that has been rising for centuries.

Book Details:

Title: Strong as Steel

Author: Jon Land

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Forge (April 23, 2019)

Series: Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong series, book 10

Print length: 336 pages
On tour with: Partners in Crime Book Tours


Jon, what’s the story behind the title of your book?

Part of the series brand is to always have STRONG begin the title. The fact that the phrase “Strong as Steel” is so ingrained in the pop culture lexicon made it a natural choice. And, crediting my great editor at Forge, Bob Gleason, it was his idea!

Tell us about your series. Is this book a standalone, or do readers need to read the series in order?
Although this is the tenth book in the Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong series, readers can feel very comfortable starting off with it, or any other title, because I write all the books as if the latest title is a reader’s first experience. I can’t tell you how many authors I’ve picked up in the middle of a series. From Robert Parker (Spencer), to James Lee Burke (Dave Robicheaux) to James Hall (Thorn), I can’t tell how many series I’ve started in the middle, which I imagine is the case for the majority of readers.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned?
Never to take anything for granted and to take pleasure in simple things and pursuits. Our greatest failure as human beings is not to realize how important something or someone is until it’s gone.

What do you love about where you live?
Writing is all about finding a comfort zone and what I love most about where I live is that it’s the centerpiece of that comfort zone, of the life style I’ve built around my career. Writing is one of those very rare avocations where the work stays with you after you’ve finished for the day and being comfortable where you live is crucial to keeping the creative juices flowing.

What’s one thing you wish your younger writer self knew?
Not to take success for granted, and especially not to expect that success to continue on an upward track unabated.

What choices in life would you like to have a redo on?
Tying in with the question above, I lived beyond my means for a few years expecting those means to catch up and then trying to figure out what to do when it they never did. I should have done a better job managing my money—you know, all the assorted financial stuff. Writers are by nature dreamers and sometimes those dreams get in the way of a stark reality.

What makes you nervous?
The health and safety of people I care about, and tying in with the answer above, some months wondering how I’m going to make ends meet.

What makes you happy?
Being around people whose company I genuinely enjoy based on relationships I genuinely value. As you get older, you come to appreciate the importance of that more and more.

What makes you scared?
Health issues comes to mind first, but also one day coming to grips with the fact that I don’t have enough work, and can’t find enough work, to get by.

What makes you excited?

New opportunities that bring great potential to the table and older opportunities that pay off in some unexpected way.

What’s one of your favorite quotes?

Yogi Berra’s “The future ain’t what it used to be.” I think those words say it all when it comes to both the world in which we live and the business in which I work.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where in the world would it be?

Right where I’m typing this from now. Enough said.

What would your main character say about you?

I’d like to think that Caitlin would say I’ve captured the essence of her character and portrayed her in a way that makes her think she’s looking in the mirror. That I “get” the fact that she has a gunfighter mentality that makes it a challenge for her to find happiness outside of working as a Texas Ranger.

How did you create the plot for this book?
SPOILER ALERT: I’m always looking for the “McGuffin” of my next Caitlin Strong book. But I was Googling something else entirely, and I don’t even remember what, when I came across this: BURIAL BOXES MARKED WITH JESUS’ NAME REVEALED IN JERUSALEM ARCHAEOLOGICAL WAREHOUSE. And BOOM! I knew I had found the conceptual engine to drive Caitlin’s next adventure. Coincidentally, I’d wanted to make Strong as Steel a more traditional thriller cut from the cloth of James Rollins and Steve Berry, and envisioned a scene with something long buried in the Texas desert getting dug up to fuel the story. Of course, at that point very early on in the process, I had no idea what that was going to be. Fortune, as they say, is the residue of design.

Is your book based on real events?
I make heavy use of real events in Strong as Steel, but I don’t base the book on them. That would be too limiting and confining.

Who are your favorite authors?
Stephen King because he’s been doing it so well for so long. David Morrell because he pretty much invented the kind of book I write. The late Robert Ludlum because reading his earlier thrillers made me want to write them more than anybody else. James Lee Burke because he’s a fantastic novelist as well as mystery-thriller writer and never disappoints. Michael Connelly because he’s a magician when it comes to pitch-perfect plotting highlighted by just the right amount of conflict on every page. I could go on forever!

What book are you currently reading and in what format?

I only read print books and prefer hardcover. Right now I’m reading Michael Connelly’s Two Kinds of Truth and Tim Dorsey’s hilarious No Sunscreen for the Dead.

Do you have a routine for writing?
Not only do I have one, it pretty much defines my life, as is the case for most writers. We have to be creatures of our routine because that’s where the discipline to get the work done stems from.  I work in two sessions daily, broken up by going to the gym to work out in the middle.

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?
The second bedroom upstairs in my townhouse condo. In those two sessions mentioned above from, say, 11:00-3:00 and then again from 8:00-midnight. But not all of that is writing. Plenty of it is dealing with email correspondence, promotion, E-interviews like this. Remember too, that all writing entails a big chunk of rewriting, so plenty of the time I’m revising, polishing, and refining.

What’s the worst thing someone has said about your writing?
Take your pick from the slew of 1-star reviews on Amazon for Manuscript for Murder. See, I’ve also taken over writing as Jessica Fletcher for the Murder, She Wrote series and have put my own stamp on that series. Because long-time fans of the previous 46 books have not all responded positively to my approach, I try to distill construction criticism from the haters. I believe no matter how scathing, there is something to be taken from any negative feedback. A matter of turning a negative into a positive.

What are you working on now?

I’m thrilled (no pun intended!) to say here, for the first time in print, that I’m now finishing up a book that’s the sequel to the classic crime film Donnie Brasco. I’ve teamed up with the legendary Joe Pistone (the real Donnie Brasco played by Johnny Depp in the movie) to begin a series that reimagines Donnie as a fictional thriller hero instead of an undercover alias. How about that?



Dallas, Texas

“You want to tell me what I’m doing here again?” Caitlin Strong said to Captain Bub McNelly of the Texas Criminal Investigations Division.

McNelly, who favored string ties and shiny cowboy boots, turned to the quartet of figures in equally shiny windbreakers milling behind him in the makeshift staging area, who looked more like businessmen. Caitlin had heard he was a descendant of the famed Texas Ranger captain Leander McNeely, a man who’d once told the whole of the U.S. government to go to hell, but wasn’t too keen on the freedom with which Rangers still operated today.

“Special Response Teams hang their hat on being multi-jurisdictional,” McNelly told her. “Consider yourself the representative Ranger.”

“Since when does an SRT look more comfortable holding briefcases than firearms?”

“I need to tell you that computers are the real weapons these days?” McNelly asked her. “And those boys accompanying us are forensic experts who know how to fire back.”

“Just two guns, yours and mine, backing them up,” Caitlin noted.

“I don’t need a computer to do the math, Ranger,” McNelly said, while the four techs wearing windbreakers hovered behind them in front of the elevator. “You and I serve the warrant on the geek squad upstairs and let the experts do their thing with brains instead of bullets. How hard can it be?”

They were about to serve a search warrant on an information technology firm on the 42nd floor of the Chase Tower, the city’s tallest building. Caitlin had served plenty of more “traditional” search warrants in her time on the likes of biker gangs, drug dealers, and various other suspects. The kind of service that found her backed up by guns and plenty of them, instead of briefcases and backpacks.
A chime sounded ahead of the elevator door sliding open.

“In my experience,” Caitlin said, stepping in first to position herself so the door didn’t close again before the SRT computer forensics techs were inside, “it pays to have brains and bullets.”

McNelly smiled thinly. “That’s why you’re here, Ranger. You were specifically requested for the job.”

“By who?”

“I don’t know. Orders came from the top down.

The cab began its ascent. If this were a Ranger operation, as opposed to CID, Caitlin would have insisted on securing the space in question prior to bringing up the civilians. Because that was clearly what these personnel in ill-fitting windbreakers pulled from a rack were. Civilians.

“Get your warrant ready, Captain,” she told McNelly, as the cab whisked past the floors between “L” and “42.”

He flapped the tri-folded document I the air between them. “Got it right here.”

“What’s CTP stand for again?” Caitlin asked, referring to the acronym of the company on which they were about to serve the warrant.

“Communications Technology Providers. I thought I told you that.”

“Maybe you did, but you never told me what the company did to get on the Criminal Investigation Division’s radar. I’m guessing that’s because somebody ordered you to take me along for the ride.

All well and good in this political world we live in, until something goes bad.”

McNelly flashed Caitlin a smirk, as a chime sounded to indicate the elevator had reached its desired floor. “I can tell you this much, Ranger. The suspects we’re after here don’t know a gun from their own assholes. Worst thing they can do is infect us with a computer virus.”

He led the way through the open cab door, without waiting for Caitlin to respond. She exited next, followed in a tight bunch by those four computer techs in their windbreakers which made it look like they’d stuck their arms through Hefty bags.

The doors along the hall were uniformly glass, sleek and modern, some frosted. According to the building layout Caitlin had studied, Communications Technology Providers occupied a pair of adjoining office suites adding up to nearly five thousand square feet in total. One was a corner office, meaning at least a portion of those suites would enjoy wraparound windows and plenty of natural light.

Caitlin had just reflexively shoved her jacket back behind the holster housing her SIG Sauer P-226 nine-millimeter pistol, when the glass double-door entrance to Communications Technology Providers ruptured behind a fusillade of gunfire.

Excerpt from Strong As Steel by Jon Land.  Copyright © 2019 by Jon Land. Reproduced with permission from Jon Land. All rights reserved.


Jon Land is the award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of 50 books, including ten titles in the critically acclaimed Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong series, the last of which, Strong to the Bone, won both the 2017 American Book Fest and 2018 International Book Award for Best Mystery Thriller. The next title in the series, Strong as Steel, will be published on April 23. Murder in Red, meanwhile, will mark his third effort writing as Jessica Fletcher for the Murder, She Wrote series when it’s published on May 28. He has also teamed with ThrillerMaster Heather Graham for a new sci-fi series starting with The Rising. He is a 1979 graduate of Brown University, lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and can be reached at or on Twitter.

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On a remote Scottish island, American antiques dealer Kate Hamilton wrestles with her own past while sleuthing a brutal killing, staged to recreate a two-hundred-year-old unsolved murder.

Autumn has come and gone on Scotland’s Isle of Glenroth, and the islanders gather for the Tartan Ball, the annual end-of-tourist-season gala. Spirits are high. A recently published novel about island history has brought hordes of tourists to the small Hebridean resort community. On the guest list is American antiques dealer Kate Hamilton. Kate returns reluctantly to the island where her husband died, determined to repair her relationship with his sister, proprietor of the island’s luxe country house hotel, famous for its connection with Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Kate has hardly unpacked when the next morning a body is found, murdered in a reenactment of an infamous unsolved murder described in the novel—and the only clue to the killer’s identity lies in a curiously embellished antique casket. The Scottish police discount the historical connection, but when a much-loved local handyman is arrested, Kate teams up with a vacationing detective inspector from Suffolk, England, to unmask a killer determined to rewrite island history—and Kate’s future.

Book Details:

Title: A Dream of Death

Author: Connie Berry

Genre: Traditional Amateur Sleuth

Series: Kate Hamilton mystery series, book 1

Publisher: Crooked Lane Books, (April 9, 2019)

Print length: 320 pages

On tour with: Great Escapes Book Tours





IF you could talk to someone living, who would it be and what would you ask them?
A living person I'd love to spend time with is Martin Edwards, author of The Golden Age of Murder: The Mystery of the Writers Who Invented the Modern Detective Story. We'd sit by the fire in overstuffed armchairs sipping fine red wine. I'd ask him to tell me stories about the Golden Agers, and I'd sit back and listen for hours and hours. After that we'd move on to The Detection Club (he was the eighth president) and The Murder Squad. Finally, I'd pick his brain about writing modern crime novels with substance and style. I believe I'll be seeing him at Bouchercon 2019 in Dallas this autumn. Hmm. Wonder if he has time.

IF you could talk to someone dead, who would it be and what would you ask them?
Only one? As a history fanatic, that's hard. But I think I'd choose Queen Elizabeth I. I'd ask her if she was in love with Robert Dudley and how she really felt about the execution of her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots—but only if she was in a good mood.

IF you could step back into a moment or day in time, where would you go?
Stepping back in time has always been one of my fantasies. I'd choose May of 1797, and I'd wing my way to the village of Chawton in Hampshire, England. Dropping by the Austen house on Winchester Road, I'd inquire if Miss Jane had an inclination to stroll down to Chawton House, the residence of her brother, Edward Austen Knight. We'd chat about her upcoming novel, First Impressions, and I'd suggest she rename it Pride & Prejudice.

IF you could time travel for an infinite period of time, where would you go?
Medieval England. I'd witness the swan song of the Anglo Saxons, life in the rural villages, the construction of the great cathedrals, the rise of the cities, the signing of the Magna Carta. I would not love the sanitary conditions, however. Could I pop back to the 21st century for a bath every few days? And—oh, yes—I have to be home before the Black Plague strikes.

IF you could choose a fictional town to live in, what would it be and from what book?
St. Mary Mead from Agatha Christie's The Murder at the Vicarage and The Body in the Library. As Miss Marple said, "One does see so much evil in a village."

IF you could live anywhere in the world, where in the world would it be?
This will come as no surprise—an English village. I'm sure I was switched with an American baby at birth.


5 favorite possessions:
•    My sweet Shih Tzu, Millie [see photo]
•    My Bible
•    Family Photographs
•    Four Norwegian egg cups that have been in my family since the 17th century [see photo]
•    My hiking boots that have taken me everywhere

5 things you never want to run out of:
This is a touchy question because products I like are routinely discontinued, forcing me to purchase them in bulk on ebay. For example, I own a lifetime supply of Rescue Pads, the tiny soap-filled scrubbers I can't live without, and at least a decade's worth of my favorite discontinued perfume, Essence by Narcisco Rodriquez. When they stopped making Cinnamon Tic Tacs (someone has a lot to answer for), I purchased every pack still in existence. I have one left, the last box of Cinnamon Tic Tacs in the universe [see photo]. Besides Rescue Pads and Essence, three more things I never want to run out of are coffee, Rosebud Salve, and red lipstick.

5 favorite foods:   
•    Cardamom bread with raisins (my Danish grandma made it every week)
•    Homemade chicken soup
•    White almond cake with buttercream frosting
•    Beef stew cooked in an Instant Pot
•    Pavlova with raspberries

5 favorite places you've been:

•    England
•    Norway
•    Austria
•    Israel
•    China   

5 favorite authors (writing now):

 •    Elly Griffiths (thought of her first because I'm currently reading The Stranger Diaries)
 •    Jodi Taylor (The Chronicles of St. Mary's series)
 •    Deborah Crombie
 •    Anthony Horowitz
 •    Robert Galbraith (J. K. Rowling)


What's your all-time favorite movie?
Not quite a movie but the mini-series of Pride & Prejudice starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. I watch it at least once a year.

What's your all-time favorite library?
The main library in my hometown growing up where I wandered the stacks and fell in love with P.G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie. I thought I'd discovered authors no one else knew about. Ha!

What's your favorite beverage?
Coffee. No question.

What's one thing you never leave the house without?

Lipstick. Without it, I look seriously ill.

What is the wallpaper on your computer's desktop?

The village of Bibury in the Cotswolds [see photo].

What's your all-time favorite picture of yourself?
A photo of me with my father—best dad ever. [see photo]

What's your latest recommendation for:
Food: A ketogenic lifestyle.

Music: "Anything" by Brook Benton or Sam Cooke. And lately I've been mesmerized by the piano playing of Jerry Lee Lewis in his country phase (I know, I know—don't judge me).

Movie: Mary Poppins Returns (I can't do intense movies in a theater).

Book: The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths.

Audiobook: The Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz.

TV: Two relatively unknown series from England, Wild At Heart (set in South Africa) and The Royal (set in Yorkshire in the 1960s).

Netflix/Amazon Prime: The Five by Harlan Coban (chilling).


Connie Berry was born in Wisconsin to second-generation immigrants from Scandinavia and the British Isles. Like her protagonist, she was raised by charmingly eccentric antique collectors who eventually opened a shop, not because they wanted to sell antiques but because they needed a plausible excuse to keep buying them. Besides reading and writing mysteries, Connie loves cute animals, foreign travel with a hint of adventure, and all things British. She's the mother of two grown sons and lives in Ohio with her husband and adorable dog, Millie. Her second book, A Legacy of Murder, will be out in October of 2019.

Connect with Connie:

Blog  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |   Goodreads

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Amazon  Barnes & Noble  |  Indiebound

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On a seemingly normal night, Jonas, a kind-hearted knight, saves a beautiful young woman from a vicious attack. He quickly finds out the young woman is actually a mermaid and as she disappears into the water Jonas vows to find her again, so taken by her mere presence. However, ever since they crossed paths Jonas began having strange ominous dreams about her, making him want to see her again even more. What do these dreams mean and why is he having them all the time? These are just some of the questions Jonas seeks answers to but all he really wants is a chance to make her his special lady.

Book Details:

Title: Beneath the Surface

Author: Sierra N. Terry

Genre: fantasy romance

Series: The Four Kingdoms Series, Book 2

Published: April 1, 2019

Print length: 452 pages



A few of your favorite things: art, fantasy, good food, and warm days.
Things you need to throw out: all the clothes that are too big for me after my weight loss!

Things you need in order to write: an internet connection for research/spelling and maybe soft music.
Things that hamper your writing: being sleepy!

Things you love about writing: getting all my ideas down on paper and seeing it in printed form!
Things you hate about writing: not knowing all the little editing rules so my writing looks perfect on paper.

Easiest thing about being a writer:
writing down all those ideas into a awesome story!

Hardest thing about being a writer:
trying to promote/advertise my work. It’s exhausting, time consuming and doesn’t yield a lot of positive results. 

Things you never want to run out of: paper and closet space!
Things you wish you’d never bought: a bad copy of my first book.

Words that describe you: quirky, accepting and honest.
Words that describe you but you wish they didn’t: loud, weird and insecure.

Favorite music: I love rock and jazz, but I like a little of everything.
Music that make your ears bleed: I’m not found of rap on most days.

Favorite beverage: vanilla chai tea.

Something that gives you a pickle face: V8 is weird!

Something you’re really good at: coming up with story ideas!

Something you’re really bad at: making myself draw at different angles.

Something you like to do: draw backgrounds and be super eloquent with my writing.

Something you wish you’d never done: get into erotic writing.

Things you’d walk a mile for: a book signing or a chance to meet people who are a fan of my work!
Things that make you want to run screaming from the room: Bugs. Big ones!

Things you always put in your books: humor or something cheesy.

Things you never put in your books: I haven’t had a loved character turn into a traitor yet!

Things to say to an author: friendly constructive criticism with general praise is always good!

Things to say to an author if you want to be fictionally killed off in their next book: being compared to another (often times more successful) writer!

Favorite books: fantasy for sure!

Books you would ban: hard to say . . . I think just about all books have some kind of value in some way.

Things that make you happy: good food, space to work and time to do it.

Things that drive you crazy: tardiness and incomplete work



Born and raised in Central Virginia, there was almost no chance Sierra Terry could have grown up NOT being creative. Her mother was and still is, highly creative with her drawings and poetry and she always encouraged Sierra to pursue her work even if she didn’t always like the subject matter!

Sierra realized pretty young she loved to draw and read and despite all the encouragement she had, she somewhat put her creativity on the back burner until a few years ago. No job ever interested her like art and storytelling did, so in her mid-20s she started her comic again and worked on it like a second job! Since then she has finished drawing the comic, wrote 5 fantasy novels and more recently put all her works under the business name Sailorfrill Studio as well as started selling at anime, book or comic conventions.

Connect with Sierra:
Facebook  |  Goodreads  |   Amazon

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Saturday, April 20, 2019



The Agatha Award–winning author of Wreath Between the Lines returns to the Cookbook Nook, where culinary mysteries are giving everyone food for thought . . .

Book clubs from all over have descended on Crystal Cove to celebrate the library’s Book Club Bonanza week, and Jenna Hart has packed the Cookbook Nook with juicy reads and tasty cookbooks. But she’s most excited about spending an evening with the Mystery Mavens and their moveable feast, when they will go from house to house to share different culinary treats and discuss the whodunit they’re all reading. It’s all good food and fun for the savvy armchair detectives, until one of the members of the group is found murdered at the last stop on the tour.

As if that weren’t enough to spoil her appetite, Jenna discovers that all the evidence points to her friend Pepper as being the guilty party. And with Pepper’s chief-of-police daughter too close to the case to be impartial, Jenna knows she’ll have to step in to help clear her friend’s name before a bitter injustice sends her to jail. Sifting through the clues, Jenna unearths any number of possible culprits, but she’ll have to cook up a new way to catch the killer before Pepper’s goose is cooked.

Includes tasty sweet and savory recipes!

Book Details: 

Title: Sifting Through Clues

Author: Daryl Wood Gerber

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Series: Cookbook Nook Mysteries, book 8

Publisher: Beyond the Page
 (April 23, 2019)
Page count: 235 pages
On tour with: Great Escapes Book Tours



A few of your favorite things: dogs, cats, chocolate, flowers, swimming, listening to the ocean
Things you need to throw out: socks that have lost their stretch, paper receipts over seven years old, things in jars in the refrigerator that are passed their shelf life.

Things you need in order to write: music or quiet, a good space with elbowroom, inspiration
Things that hamper your writing: too much chatter, too many emails, too much PR

Things you love about writing: being creative, meeting new characters, new ideas
Things you hate about writing: being behind on my schedule, the muddy middle of a book when things aren’t pulling together

Things you love about where you live: the nook garden outside my office, Sparky on his pillow, the sounds of birds and the aroma of flowers, lots of trees
Things that make you want to move: lots of construction that makes it hard to walk Sparky, but I won’t move. I do love where I live.

Words that describe you: dedicated, loyal, Type A, perfectionist to a point, funny, friendly, can’t say no.
Words that describe you but you wish they didn’t: can’t say no, independent to a fault, doesn’t ask for help.

Favorite foods: melon, avocado, shrimp, steak, chocolate, peaches, wine, ice cream, caramel.
Things that make you want to throw up:  beets, green peppers, eel, snails.

Favorite beverage: water, chardonnay
Something that gives you a pickle face: beets.

Something you wish you could do: say no.
Something you wish you’d never learned to do: say yes  LOL.

Last best thing you ate: homemade oatmeal cookies with vanilla chips
Last thing you regret eating: ice cream that had gotten icy in the freezer, ugh. Why waste the calories?

Things you always put in your books: friends and family
Things you never put in your books: injured animals.

Things to say to an author: really enjoyed the story; thank you for writing it.

Things to say to an author if you want to be fictionally killed off in their next book: I didn’t like it but I finished it. (Me: Honestly, why did you finish it??)

Favorite things to do: go to movies and theater, golf, write, walk the dog.

Things you’d run through a fire wearing gasoline pants to get out of doing:  critiquing a writer’s work when the writer really doesn’t want a critique but wants a glowing response.

Things that make you happy: fairies and starlight and the sound of a child laughing
Things that drive you crazy: grumpy grumps.

Best thing you’ve ever done: married my husband, which changed my life
Biggest mistake: didn’t know enough about hospitals to ask the right questions.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done: hitchhiked around Ireland by myself
Something you chickened out from doing: skiing down a slope that was packed in with fog.

Book trailer



Agatha Award-winning Daryl Wood Gerber writes the nationally bestselling Cookbook Nook Mysteries as well as the French Bistro Mysteries. As Avery Aames, she pens the popular Cheese Shop Mysteries. Daryl also writes stand-alone suspense. Fun tidbit: as an actress, Daryl appeared in Murder, She Wrote. She loves to cook, and she has a frisky Goldendoodle named Sparky who keeps her in line!

Connect with Daryl:

Website  |  Blog  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads  | 
Instagram  |  Pinterest 

Buy the book:

Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Bookbub 


The author is giving away the winner’s choice of a Cookbook Nook Mystery, either in paper or e-book.
US or Canada only.  For a chance to win, leave a comment and include your email address.

Thursday, April 18, 2019



Kelly Jackson, manager of the Redwood Cove Bed and Breakfast, is fond of the Doblinsky brothers, Ivan and Rudy, members of the Silver Sentinels, a crew of crime-solving senior citizens in their Northern California seaside hamlet. After she discovers a jewel-encrusted dagger—with what appears to be dried blood on the blade—on their fishing boat, they share their family history with Kelly, and she learns that the knife may be part of a set from their long-ago childhood in Russia. Its sudden reappearance is eerie, but the mystery grows much more serious when a body is found on the boat. The victim was a member of the community and part of the Russian Heritage Festival, and some of the organizers were clearly harboring some bitterness. But the story behind this murder seems as layered as a nesting doll—and Kelly’s feeling completely at sea . . .

Book Details:

Title: Murder at the Marina

Author: Janet Finsilver

Genre: Mystery

Series: Kelly Jackson mystery series, book 5

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp. (April 2, 2019)

Page count: 200 pages

On tour with: Great Escapes Book Tours


A few of your favorite things:
We have a wonderful collection of wildlife prints adorning the walls of our house. On each vacation my husband and I take we bring back something to remind us of our adventure. I brought back lovely handmade bookmarks from our most recent trip which was to Africa.
Things you need to throw out: Clothes I haven’t worn in a long time.

Things you need in order to write: I need a computer.
Things that hamper your writing: My long list of things to do! 

Things you love about writing: I love the creative flow of ideas.
Things you hate about writing: I don’t hate anything about the actual writing process. I dislike the pressure of a deadline if I’ve gotten behind on my writing goals. One year I was sick for over eight weeks. When I recovered, I had to work hard to have the book ready when it was due.

Easiest thing about being a writer: I enjoy being with my characters in Redwood Cove.
Hardest thing about being a writer: The hardest thing is blocking out the time.

Things you love about where you live: I love the access I have to wonderful trails and parks for hiking.

Things you love about where you live:
I love the access I have to wonderful trails and parks for hiking.
Things that make you want to move: Traffic!

Words that describe you: I’m willing to try new things.
Words that describe you but you wish they didn’t: I occasionally procrastinate.

Favorite foods: I love cheese and chocolate (though not together!).
Things that make you want to throw up: The smell of old fish will do it.

Favorite beverage: I enjoy strong black coffee (especially with chocolate).

Something that gives you a pickle face: Fruit that is sour when I expect it to be sweet.

Favorite smell: Jasmine flowers provide a wonderful fragrance.

Something that makes you hold your nose: That takes me back to old fish again.

Something you’re really good at: I’m very fast when it comes to typing.
Something you’re really bad at: I have trouble keeping up with all the changes in the computer world.

Something you like to do
: I like to go horseback riding. I ride western style.

Something you wish you’d never done: My husband and I had an incredibly long walk from an event in Montreal back to our hotel. The distance was deceiving.

People you consider as heroes: People who go out of their way to help others.

People with a big L on their foreheads: Someone who puts other people down.

Things you always put in your books:
I always have dogs with special training that contribute to our lives in different ways. A black Chihuahua named Sergeant is a hearing assistance dog and Max, a Goldendoodle trained as a diabetic alert dog, are just two of the canines populating my books.
Things you never put in your books: I never put in graphic violence. I don’t want my readers to get an unpleasant surprise when they turn the page.

Favorite places you’ve been: I loved Africa and San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico during whale season.

Places you never want to go to again: I went inside a cave once. I never want to do that again. I discovered I was very claustrophobic!

Things that make you happy: I always love playing with my dogs.

Things that drive you crazy: All the ads on the Internet that keep popping up.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done:
I took a helicopter ride in Africa. It was amazing to see all the wildlife below me.

Something you chickened out from doing:  I was snorkeling with a group in Mexico. We had been taken a distance off shore by boat. The guides asked us if we wanted to swim back to the beach. I’m not a strong swimmer and decided not to do it. It was a good decision. Some of the people really struggled to make it.

The last thing you did for the first time:
Taking a trip to Africa.

Something you’ll never do again: Drive a rental car in a bad part of town (I took a wrong turn!) 


Janet Finsilver is the USA Today best-selling author of the Kelly Jackson mystery series. She worked in education for many years as a teacher, a program administrator, and a workshop presenter. Janet majored in English and earned a Master’s Degree in Education. She loves animals and has two dogs—Kylie and Ellie. Janet has ridden western style since she was a child and was a member of the National Ski Patrol. One of the highlights of her life was touching whales in the San Ignacio Lagoon. Murder at Redwood Cove, her debut mystery, was released on October 13, 2015. This was followed by Murder at the Mansion, Murder at the Fortune Teller’s Table, and Murder at the Mushroom Festival. Her fifth book, Murder at the Marina, released April 2, 2019.

Connect with Janet:
Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  

Buy the book:
  Barnes & Noble  |   Kobo  |  Google Play


Tuesday, April 16, 2019



What does it take to stand out from the crowd? How do you build a brand people notice, connect with, and trust? What does it really take to get (and keep) a constant flow of incoming and loyal customers and opportunities?

In Craved, Keli Hammond walks you through the ins and outs of building a brand that is not only noticed, but sought-after and profitable. She uncovers the key elements needed to craft cohesive and clever marketing campaigns and demystifies the components needed to gain influence and be memorable. 

In this book, Hammond combines decades of award-winning industry knowledge with helpful stories and advice that illustrates what not to do in brand building. She walks you through how to build a loyal tribe that advocates for you and endorses you. 

Because marketing rules change quickly, the things that worked five years ago are now outdated and old-fashioned. The guidance you get from Craved will help you elevate your profile, attract more people to you, monetize your influence, and set the stage for long-term profit for your personal brand or business. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at this for a while, this is the resource you need to help make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Transform your life by strategically creating a brand people CRAVE.

Book Details:

Title: CRAVED: The Secret Sauce to Building A Highly-Successful, Standout Brand
Author: Keli Hammond
Genre: Non-Fiction, Business
Published: April 9, 2019

Print length: 305 pages





If you could talk to someone (living), who would it be and what would you ask them?
Actress (and producer) Viola Davis, hands-down. She is a triple-threat, being the first black actor to win an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Tony Award. Her commitment to her own personal excellence is so inspiring. Plus I just love her on How to Get Away With Murder. If I could ask one her one thing, I would want to know how she balances her drive to excel with her personal life and well-being. How does she juggle the two?

If you could talk to someone (dead), who would it be and what would you ask them?
I'd have to say, Nelson Mandela. Having lived through apartheid and 18 years in prison, then going on to become the president of South Africa in his 70s, I mean WOW. That would be a conversation for the record books. I would ask him how it felt to be honored with a Nobel Peace Prize.

If you could live in any time period which would it be?
I’d have to go with New York City In the 1920s during the Harlem Renaissance. I'd love to be around greats like Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes, Louis Armstrong, and Zora Neal Hurston, just to feel their magnetic energy. I can only imagine the inspiration, not to mention the nightlife. I'd be first In line at the Savoy Ballroom on Lenox Avenue.

If you could be anything besides a writer, what would it be?
I would probably be a United Nations Women's Cultural Ambassador or something like that. Someone that travels the world visiting, talking to, and learning about other cultures and teaching women of all ages and cultures how to achieve their personal goals and become leaders in their own right.

If you had to do community service (or already do volunteer work), what would you choose?
I love to work with young ladies, both teenagers and college grads from urban or underserved communities. A lot of times they get so caught up in their surroundings and daily struggles that they don’t believe their dreams are possible. I believe that these women need strong mentors to help them navigate the world and trust in their contributions to society.

If you could meet any author for coffee, who would you like to meet and what would you talk about?
Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk)! I just want to pick his brain and soak up all of his infectious energy. I love how blunt and outspoken he is; his ways (and thoughts) remind me so much of my own.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where in the world would it be?

I would have to say Paris, France. Love, love, love that city. As cliché as it may sound, Paris is top of the list. The multitude of things to see and do coupled with the diversity makes it such a pleasant city to be in. Every time I'm there I find that I'm so relaxed. Simple things like coffee and croissants are so enjoyable.


5 favorite possessions: 
•    cell phone
•    Nike apparel (all of it) LOL
•    smoothies
•    Bose wireless Bluetooth speaker
•    my marketing awards and accolades

5 things you need in order to write:
•    laptop or my iPad
•    inspiration
•    coffee
•    my notebook for jotting down the millions of ideas in my head
•    the TV on in the background (on mute)

5 things you love about where you live:
•    there are so many restaurants
•    that [weather-wise] we get all four seasons here
•    all of the different types of social events
•    you can easily drive to so many other awesome major cities
•    museums

5 things about you or 5 phrases/words to describe you:
•    world-traveler
•    energetic
•    enthusiastic
•    team-builder
•    supportive

5 favorite foods:
•    stir-fry anything
•    tacos
•    salads (of all kinds)
•    salmon
•    crab cakes

5 favorite places you’ve been:
There are lots, but here are a few…
•    Budapest
•    Thailand
•    Brazil
•    Iceland
•    Japan

5 favorite books:
•    The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
•    Presence by Amy Cuddy
•    The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae
•    The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone
•    Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes

5 living people you’d like to invite to dinner: 
•    Comedian Trevor Noah
•    Rapper J. Cole
•    Author Mel Robbins
•    Singer Rihanna
•    Fashion Designer Christian Siriano (but I need him to bring dresses with him, haha)

5 people you’d like to be stuck in a bookstore with:
•    Dave Chapelle
•    Charlie Sheen
•    Ellen Degeneres
•    Jada Pinkett-Smith
•    Sean "Diddy" Combs

5 people you consider as heroes:
•    Colin Kaepernick
•    Michelle Obama (sorry Barack, haha. But this one's for the ladies)
•    Shonda Rhimes
•    Ryan Coogler
•    Lena Waithe


What’s your all-time favorite place?
Italy, easily. Either Florence or Rome. Italy is such a breathtaking country. It's peaceful, tranquil, historical, very walkable, and oh yeah, the food is amazing.

What’s your favorite song?
"We All Try" by Frank Ocean.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?
Jamaica…because it's a whole lot of reggae, rum punch, and relaxation. Oh, and can’t forget about the jerk chicken and coco bread.

What’s your favorite thing to do?
I love to be outside. I find fresh air exhilarating. Just to be outside on a beautiful spring or fall day reinvigorates me, and I love both city sights and outdoor hiking equally.

What’s your favorite dessert?
Love, love, love me some tiramisu (only the cake though, not the pudding).

What’s your favorite beverage?
Any smoothie that includes açaí. I became familiar with açaí when I traveled to Brazil in 2010, and ever since then, I've been obsessed.

What’s your favorite quote?
“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” by Henry Ford.

What’s your favorite movie snack?
I always go for the raisinets, which is funny to me because I don't like raisins (like at all). LOL. But if I'm at the movies, I never pass up a box of raisinets. It's the strangest thing.

What’s your favorite social media site? Would you rather tweet or post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest . . .?
Instagram, hands-down. I love the connection that you're able to build with people through that specific social networking site. I've met some really fun and awesome folks through IG.

What’s one thing you never leave the house without?
Lip balm. I'm literally obsessed with keeping my lips moisturized. It's bad. HaHa.

What movie genre do you prefer: drama, comedy, action, adventure, thriller, or horror?
I love all things action/suspense, those keep you on the edge of your seat kind of movies. Think Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Kill Bill.

What do you collect?
Shot glasses and magnets from my travels around the world. They are a great way to remember the places I've been and the people I've met along the way.

What book are you currently working on?
I'm currently working on my second book, which is a mixture of a memoir/self-help/how-to book aimed at helping give people the courage to pursue their passion (despite setbacks) in order to live a more fulfilled life. In that book, I share personal stories and situations to show people how you can rebound from anything and transform yourself into whomever you seek to become.

All-time favorites with pictures:

What’s your all-time favorite picture of yourself?
Me in the red suit. It's colorful and vibrant (which is the way I feel about my personality.

What’s your latest recommendation for:
•    Food: Thai is my go-to, Drunken noodles or yellow curry. In the DC-area, Pasara Thai is my favorite.
•    Music: Sabrina Claudio, every single song
•    Movie: I'm always behind on movies, so I'll just share one of my go-tos. I love 80's and 90's movies. Beverly Hills Cop.
•    Book: Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything by Iyanla Vanzant
•    Audiobook: Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
•    TV: I'm still obsessed with The Walking Dead.
•    Netflix/Amazon Prime: Orange Is the New Black
•    Miscellaneous: I do interior design on the side (love it). I grew up watching HGTV as a child and that helped me envision how to turn empty spaces and blank canvases into warm, inviting rooms.


Keli Hammond is a nationally-recognized, award-winning expert on marketing. The author of Craved: The Secret Sauce to Building a Highly-Successful, Standout Brand, Keli knows what it takes to make people stop, listen, engage, and invest in brands (both personal and business).

With a focus on brand acceleration and positioning, Keli's expertise helps people pinpoint hurdles to success and pivot their marketing to achieve maximum results and brand loyalty.

Keli distilled more than 15 years of marketing know-how into her debut book, aptly named  Craved, which offers practical tips and resources that provide clarity on how to turn a passion into profit by becoming a dynamic marketer.

Keli owns B Classic, a Washington, DC-based marketing and communications agency that helps entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profits, and government agencies better educate, entice, inspire, and engage their target consumers.

A highly sought-after speaker, trainer and writer, Keli regularly speaks to groups of business owners, students, and women about personal branding, marketing, and social media. She has been featured in The Washington Informer and The Start-Up Growth.

Keli holds a BA in Advertising from Temple University and certification in Change Leadership (Change Management) from Cornell University.

Connect with Keli:
Instagram  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIn   

Buy the book:
Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble